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If you like to hike in the rain, then the rains are the ideal environment for unforgettable experiences. In the monsoon time the stunning landscape and lush greenery is more stunning.

In addition the Maharashtra’s Western Ghats are definitely an adrenaline-filled paradise. Wander through the vibrant hill towns, and then climb up to the old caves and forts hidden in the lush vegetation.

The TOP 5 most coveted TREKS in MAHARASHTRA during the monsoon season are listed below:

1. Andharban Trek


According to its name, the Andharban Trek refers to a deep, dark forest. The trek begins at a high point and then gradually descend until you get to the final point of the trek. The most stunning treks, it provides numerous possibilities for exploring.

Its Kundalika Valley, the Bhira Dam and The Devkund Waterfall, and the mountainous areas that make up Tamhini ghat will all be easily visible from the ridge along which you’ll be walking. The first 6 to 8 km of the hike you will be protected by a forest. The trail continues to descend to Konkan before reaching Bhira, the village. Bhira within 4 km. There is the Kundalika river, famous for its white-water Kolad river rafting is located within the same valley.

TREK Specifications

  • The trekking location can be found at Tamhini Ghat, Pimpri, Maharashtra.
  • It’s a tad difficult hike that requires strong endurance. It’s easier if you had a previous experience of trekking. The most dangerous part of this trek is crossing streams of water in the event of rain, as the river can become turbulent.
  • 13 kilometers of route form the hike which is at 2160 feet. above sea level.
  • Trek Type is Valley Descend Trek through the jungle. The entire trek is completed in a matter of 6-7 hours including lunch in Hirdi village. Andharban is located 133 kilometers far from Mumbai.



52 kilometers to the northwest of Pune located near Lonavala Khandala, a hill city Lonavala Khandala, is the Lohagad Fort, which translates to “Iron Fort” in Marathi.

The mountain continues to the northwest until an edifice fortified as Vinchu Kata due to its resemblance to the scorpion’s tail. The four gateways of Lohagad remain mostly intact and in good condition.

TREK Specifications

  • The Lohagad Monsoon Trek is not difficult.
  • Lohagad Wadi is the base village of Lohagad.
  • 2.30 hours between Malavali along with 40 minutes to Lohagad Wadi are the total time to climb.
  • It takes one day to cover the total of five miles.



The highest fort on the mountain located in the Pune District is Torna Fort. The hike to the Torna fort is filled with amazing delights. The top of the hill is home to the temples of Shiva, water reservoirs Balekilla and two incredible Machis, Zunjar Machi and Budhla Machi, and a Ridge that leads up to Rajgad fort.

TREK Specifications

  • Pune is the place to start this trek. Velhe is the most renowned village.
  • There are three sections in the hike:
  • Each Part is unique in its own unique way and sometimes will surprise you.
  • The following are the two divisions:
  • In the direction of Velhe towards the plateau Time 20 minutes.
  • It takes about two hours and fifteen minutes to get across the plateau until Torna Fort. Torna Fort.
  • Historic Sites Near The Torna Fort: Time Approximately three to four hours.



Ratangad Fort is one of the most sought-after locations in Maharashtra to trek. The place is located in Ahmednagar. The fort is bordered by the massive mountains Kulang, Alang, Kalsubai, Katrabai, Ajoba.

A few forts, including Ratangad, allow visitors to truly appreciate Sahyadris their toughness. An activity that is popular is to be at”the “Eye of the Needle.”

Ratangad is the best trekking route if are looking to enjoy an experience of staying in a cave.

TREK Specifications

  • In the city of Ratanwadi the trek begins. Get the most spectacular panoramas of Bhandardara Dam, as well as some the highest Sahyadri peaks.
  • It blends a forest path and iron ladders. In the monsoonseason, you require shoes that have strong grip and endurance.
  • This hike takes approximately 5 hours to complete , and is quite difficult.
  • Before setting out on the hike, one must have at minimum 2 liters of water on hand.



Harishchandragad is an hill fort located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra that was constructed in the sixth century. Harishchandragad is a must for anyone who is looking for adventure, as it’s one of Maharashtra’s most difficult walks, taking hikers to mountains, ponds and caves.

The fort is accessible through a variety of routes, such as those that traverse Khireshwar, Pachnai, Nalichi Vaat as well as Taramati Ghal. There are two caves: Kedareshwar cave, as well as Konkan Kada, an almost 800-foot concave with an 80-degree angle, and a drop that is reminiscent of the hood of a cobra, are the primary attractions of Harishchandragad and the stunning valley view. You could choose to spend your night camping in Kedareshwar cave.

TREK Specifications

Harishchandragad trek: moderate degree of endurance.

Distance to drive from Mumbai is 220km.

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