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The state of royalty of Jaisalmer which is also known by the name of Golden City of Rajasthan, is located in the middle of the Thar Desert (in the desert camp). Jaisalmer is a shining images of purity, and the appealing beauty of the desert that lies in the center of gentle golden sand. One of the major attractions within the vicinity of Jaisalmer is definitely it’s Thar Desert, and few tourists to the city of gold are able to miss it.

Today there are plenty of possibilities for lodging on the desert. It is a great place to stay. Thar desert has basic tents and lavish camp sites in the desert. Evening cultural programs with folk music will charm guests wherever they stay. The areas in which you can experience camping in Jaisalmer are listed below.

Season of Summer

Campsites in Jaisalmer is best avoided in the summer months. Rajasthan should be avoided at all times the sun is shining straight and bright as it is an uninhabited state. This is because of the extreme heat and temperatures at this time of the year.

In summer, the temperature of Jaisalamer is around 49 ° Celsius. Furthermore the sand gets unbearably hot for walking on. The bathrooms which surround the Jaisalmer area further detract from an overall impression.

Winter is the season of winter

The winter months are undoubtedly the best season to sleep in luxurious tents in Jaisalmer as the summer months long gone and the cool breezes coming in. There is a lot of relaxation from oppressive humid and bright sun’s rays is available during the winter time.

The best timing to travel to Jaisalmer is believed to be between the months of October between October and March. Everybody agrees that a relaxing cool night under the starry skies is an experience like no other.

The 5 Best Camping Locations in Jaisalmer

The best option for those who would like to explore Jaisalmer’s rich tradition and rural way of living is to stay in some of the desert camp. There are numerous possibilities for desert camp sites, including budget-friendly and luxurious options. The oldest cities located in India, Jaisalme, has some of the top camping spots. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. The Serai Camp

The Serai in Jaisalmer is the ultimate camping experience If you have money to spare. If the thought that you’ll be sleeping inside a tent does not seem like a luxurious experience then you’re in for an incredible experience at The Serai.

2. Damodara Camp in the Desert

The newest and newest offering a tiny, luxurious camper experience Jaisalmer can be found at Damodara Desert Camp. Ten Swiss tents are in place. The camp opened in the year 2011. It’s quieter than other nearby camp sites.

The majority of personnel are native villager The setting is decorated with antiques to create the atmosphere of an authentic village. The camp is elegant and only utilizes show puppets as well as Rajasthani dances and the folk songs to delight guests. They do not use DJs or other loud music.

3. Prince Desert Camp

There are nearly 30 tents available to camp on Prince Desert Camp in Jaisalmer. Some of the most luxurious camps are situated near those of the Sam Sand Dunes. The suite tents feature elegant interiors as well as bathrooms superior in comparison to traditional tents.

There isn’t any noise since it is in a far enough distance from the camp site on the main road which is one of the main factors.

4. Mama’s Camp in the Desert Camp

A great mid-range camping experience is at Mama’s Desert Camp in Khuri situated just 40km away from Jaisalmer. Each year there are more and more visitors to this brand-new desert destination. Mama’s camp is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to stay longer than just a few hours in a peaceful village and the desert camp.

5. Dangri Safari Desert Camp

Within the 37 Swiss camps, it offers the most luxurious accommodation, and also local musical entertainment as well as food. The camp has built its reputation within just one year due to its outstanding customer service. To its guests they can also get help in the organization of safari excursions.

Jaisalmer is a city that Jaisalmer is unlike any other city in the world and absolutely amazing. A trip camping towards Jaisalmer should be a must if are looking to understand more about Rajasthani culture and experience many other adventures.

Whichever camping spot you pick at any time, you’ll have the opportunity to stay in cozy beds beneath the night sky, feast on delicious traditional Rajasthani meals, take a look at the sand dunes from the back of a camel, or dance to the local beat. If you’re feeling excited, you can make use of TravelTriangle to arrange your excursion to Jaisalmer and prepare to explore everything we’ve mentioned here, and more.

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