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Proper eye safety is significant in various situations. If you belong to a military background or have the same tactical condition, you require military sunglasses that can compete in impact situations. The military shades deliver ballistic safety, UV protection, and enhanced visibility, as every user expects. Let’s clarify the concept of what safety sunglasses the military use.

Military specs are a kind of safety sunglasses with the primary intention of protection from the type of hazards like fragments, projectiles, and multiple other threats that can experience in a military situation. Sunglasses are fit for these categories and certified by the American military. 

Besides, this specific category is valid for all spectacles that can use for impact and the challenging environment, particularly for military services. Thus, the military application requires safety glasses with safety criteria more than industrial places. In short, military sunglasses are ultra-durable. Similarly, you can choose a specific tint according to your condition. And the good thing is tactical sunglasses are also available for prescription lenses.

Military standard and tactical ratings

However, the American military establishes its own safety standards for specific eye safety. Therefore, eyeglasses used for tactical ballistic protection should satisfy MIL-PRF32432 ballistic standards for safety glasses and MIL-DTL-43511D for safety goggles.

For high-level impacts, the safety criteria of the military standard should be higher than that ANSI standard that commonly works for the standard safety glasses. Eyeglasses should satisfy the same impact standard for Plano lenses and prescription lenses.

APEL and MCEP eyeglasses

Perhaps you have noticed that some tactical sunglasses are noticed with APEL or MCEP standards. These are the short form of the ‘Military Eye Protection Program and Authorized Protective Eyewear List.’ Thus, according to the MCEP program, military people should choose eyeglasses approved by the U.S. Army. Besides, the soldier can pick their own choice of sunglasses, but they should meet the safety standard of the MCEP program. Similarly, APEL is a list of certified eyeglasses, and every MCEP-certified eyewear is displayed on APEL.

What safety sunglasses do the military use?

For safety glasses to be certified by U. S forces, users must wear APEL means from the approved safety glasses list. Besides, these eyeglasses have a particular APEL logo, and this is the only way to identify officially approved eyeglasses.

Thus, every military person should have approved ballistic standard eyeglasses and use APEL-approved eyewear. It is because APEL shows that required safety sunglasses have passed specific test criteria and deliver the same safety your eyes need for any mission.

You can ensure APEL-certified eyeglasses with a logo, and should also be available on the website list.

Is the Authorized Protective Eyewear List letting military soldiers provide multiple options regarding safety glasses? Thus, these safety glasses are acceptable for soldiers and worn for every mission. Similarly, you can find all approved safety glasses on the APEL website.

But Oakley sunglasses are considered best because they are provided all soldiers with their uniform. Thus, they officially use sunglasses in the military.

What is the Z87 standard on safety glasses?

Safety glasses with the labels +Z87 or -Z87 mean the eyewear has been tested under specific safety criteria. Besides, +Z87 is an approved standard for high-impact. Similarly, D3 shows that safety glasses have tested for chemical droplets, and D4 label safety glasses are suited for a full splash.

Most U.S. soldiers wear prescription eyewear. There are a few reasons to wear a pair of soldier glasses. They don’t only look great but fulfill the military purpose as well. The tactical sunglasses allow soldiers to look around while performing their service. Besides, soldiers have to perform a mission in dangerous places, and their vision should be in perfect condition to analyze the situation.

Advantages of wearing safety sunglasses

Safety sunglasses keep away all minor particles that can enter the eyes. Besides, the sunglasses have a heat resistance feature that can shield eyes from high flames and sudden sparks. Safety eyewear shield eyes from chemical splash while working with dangerous chemicals. So, don’t miss safety glasses while performing any impact activity. Thus, the armed forces wear tactical and ballistic standard Wiley x by safetyeyeglasses.comfor the following reasons.

  • Fight against ocular trauma; thus, they are widely implemented in the army.
  • Many eye injuries are related to projectiles and explosions.
  • Shatterproof lenses are significant features of safety sunglasses that shield eyes from impact dangers.
  • Meet US APEL standard
  • Offer UV-protection

Remember, military-grade sunglasses are not only needed for the military application but are also vital for civilian life. Visit for various options.

The aviator was originally designed to give military pilots the best possible coverage for their eyes in the sky. Both the teardrop shape and more rectangular aviator shape feature larger lenses that provide full coverage of the eye socket for pilots. Authorized sunglasses will have solid frames that may be silver/gray, black, brown, navy blue, tan, gold, dark green or dark grey in color.

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