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SmartBox Web Marketing is led by a singular CEO and founder. Colin Receveur, a dentist since the age of seven, has been learning from his father the intricacies of dental practice. His mother was a successful businesswoman. Colin’s natural talent in web design and programming has made him a nationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on smartbox dental web-marketing. SmartBox was founded by him in 2001. Over the last 14 years, his services have proven to be a great help for dentists looking to grow their practice. Receveur spoke to Dentaltown Magazine about his company, marketing and growing practices.

What is SmartBox Web Marketing doing for its clients?

Receveur Technically SmartBox Marketing, is a technology company. We assist dentists across the country in navigating the sometimes confusing world of marketing a dental office on the Internet. Most dentists will say that this is what we do. It may seem like we only design websites. Our focus is very different than most technology companies.

Our mission is to provide high-quality patient care in our clients’ offices. Technology companies often get too caught up in the technology. We don’t believe that’s what we do. We see the world through the eyes of our clients. A steady flow of ideal patients is one of the key ingredients to success in the dental industry. This is our goal. Everything we do is focused on achieving this most desired result. We are focused on the bottom line, creating a system that is measurable, improvable, and accountable. This system uses web technology to create consistent flows of high-quality patients.

Why is SmartBox Web Marketing so valuable for dentists?

Receveur We have some advantages that others don’t. Most people don’t realize that I have been working for my dad for many decades. I started in the dental office when I was seven years old. I received a nickel for each paper chart I filled out. I was raised in a dental family. I understand how dentists think. I understand what dentists want, and have seen the obstacles that prevent them from achieving it. One could say that I was able to see inside the inner workings of a dental practice for quite a while.

Even today, I still work for my father. He is now a client. We manage all aspects of his Internet-based, patient attraction system. This is the role we play for all of our 450 clients, spread across three continents. Everything from website design, email marketing, video production and SEO to phone tracking, online reviews, and pay-per-click. Each part of the system is designed to bring new patients, and the kind of patients dentists want.

You suggested the idea of a patient-attraction system. What is your system like?
Receveur Our online approach to patient attraction is the real secret to our success at SmartBox. Patient attraction, from our perspective, is a process and not an event. The system we use to attract clients is a four-step process: conversion, follow up, tracking, and conversion. Many dentists are struggling because they miss one or more of these steps.

Step 1. Attraction is smarter than chasing patients. Attraction is when a patient chooses you over any other practice. Chasing is when the patient is not convinced that you are the best choice. Attraction is about creating a system to attract patients without you having to put in effort.

Step 2. Step 2. Conversion is the final step in the process of making you a trusted advisor to your potential patients. Event-based dental-patient attraction refers to a series or events that are geared towards attracting patients. The system-based approach to patient attraction ensures that the system works 24/7. Attracting patients is a constant process.

A system like this has one function: it builds trust and credibility with patients. It makes them feel that your practice is their only option.

Once you have achieved this status, the fees and availability of appointments are less important to patients than making sure it is your practice that provides their care.

Step 3. Step 3. You will lose these potential patients if you don’t have a system to nurture them until they are ready. Many dental offices don’t realize how much money they waste trying to get a patient’s attention. Instead of sending a patient a welcome, valuable, and automatic follow up, this patient is often forgotten, and the marketing investment necessary to get their attention is wasted.

Step 4. Step 4. Your system can be measured and improved at every step. You can track every phone call coming into your practice, and the revenue it generates. This gives you a clear picture of the practices that are working. This kind of system is not available to most dental practices. They do what is called the dental equivalent to flying blind. But it gets even worse. It’s worse. A dental practice that does not see a return on investment in new patients must pay for it at the expense to the bottom line.

What’s it like to work with SmartBox Web Marketing?

Receveur We’re a low-volume, high touch operation. Our clients are usually very successful before we start working together. They are organized, know what they do, and are great thinkers. This means that we must bring our “A” game every day. We are all human and we will do our best to ensure that our clients get the results they want. Although it might seem a bit extreme, everything we do is fully measurable.

This means that every dollar spent in the system is accountable. There is no room for error. We are able to tell the difference between what works and what doesn’t. Our clients can see it too. This gives the team tremendous motivation to ensure that all we do is delivering real results for clients.

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