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Wood Deck

When the colder months of winter give way to the warmer months of spring, it’s the ideal time to start thinking about ideas for hosting gatherings in your garden and renovating your outdoor space. There is nothing more satisfying than bringing a frosty beverage out onto your brand-new wood deck, donning a pair of shades, and settling in for a day of relaxation, whether you are doing it alone or with your family and friends. People who live in the northern areas of the country can only enjoy this type of amusement during certain times of the year, unless, of course, they enjoy sitting outside on a sunny and brisk winter day.

In any event, constructing a wooden deck on your property not only provides you with additional space for living purposes, but it also helps to raise the value of your property in the current housing market. Depending on the size of the deck you want to build and the kind of wood you want to use, the cost of adding a wooden deck to your home can range anywhere from a negligible amount to a large investment.

Decks are typically crafted from decay-resistant woods like cedar, redwood, and cypress, amongst others. One such variety of wood that has recently seen a surge in demand for use in the construction of wood decks is bamboo. Bamboo is a green product that is also resistant to termites and qualifies for LEED, and it has the same level of durability as the other items. It has also been subjected to weather testing, and its pricing is equivalent to that of other decking options.

Before you haste off to the hardware store to pick up some lumber, there are a few things you should think about and decide:

  • What dimensions of deck boards are you looking to use?
  • Would you prefer to have a deck that is attached to the house or one that is freestanding?
  • Are railings a necessary component? Will they also be made of wood if this is the case?
  • Will you need to install a new door in order to get access to the deck?
  • About how much weight might we generally expect to find on the deck? (things to think about in terms of the quantity of posts, beams, and joists)
  • Will the chosen deck materials become dangerously hot to walk on when exposed to the sun?

Check out some of these ideas for the ideal backyard deck, whether you’re considering building a larger wooden deck, installing an outdoor kitchen, or even installing a pool.

Hot Deck Design Idea: Master the Outdoor Kitchen

Adding a wood deck to the outside of your home will give your outdoor kitchen the support it needs to last and be comfortable to use. It will also add a lot of value to your home. When building an outdoor kitchen, think about what kind of decking will work best. Decking experts recommend Ipe wood, Cumaru wood, Machine wood that is FSC-certified, Jatoba (or Brazilian Cherry) wood, or Garapa wood decking. These hardwood decking materials can stand up to all kinds of weather and are very hard to scratch, even when heavy appliances and grills are used on them.

Once you’ve decided on the design, size, material, and finish of your deck, you can choose which appliances and grills will fit your vision the best. If you live in a four-season state, look into outdoor countertops and islands that can handle the weather. This way, you won’t have to make any expensive repairs next year. By making an outdoor kitchen, you can save money in more than one way and give your guests a great place to hang out while you’re cooking. Using this space can lower your energy bill and even make your home more valuable.

Designing a Deck as a Versatile Outdoor Room:

Having a big deck is a great way for families to get together with a lot of people and spend more time outside. You could add a pool, a hot tub, or an outdoor projector to your deck project for a movie night that your kids will love. Taking movies outside is a fun way to spend time with your family or partner. Set aside a spot on your deck that is easy to turn into an outdoor oasis by adding extra pillows, blankets, and cushions. Buy an outdoor screen that doesn’t wrinkle and a projector to make your backyard stand out from others in the area.

Making a Splash with Your Deck Design

Planning a pool or hot tub is another fun summer activity that the whole family will love. When choosing these kinds of features, make sure to choose decking materials that will last, even if they get more sun and water. When taken care of properly, materials like Mataverde Premium Ipe Decking can last up to 40–50 years. It is often used in wet places like boardwalks. Other high-quality hardwoods like Ipe wood, Cumaru wood, FSC-certified Machiche wood, Jatoba (or Brazilian Cherry) wood, or Garapa wood make great decking around pools. Hardwoods are also the best choice for under hot tubs and other heavy deck features because they are so strong.

Do your Wood Deck Ideas include Built-in Seating?

When choosing the right outdoor seating for your space, choose comfortable furniture that fits the activities you plan to do in your yard and takes into account the weather where you live. Use the same hardwood decking material, like Machine or Garapa, for built-in deck seating. This is a good idea that is also useful. It’s not only cheaper, but it’s also more resistant to scratches from your table and chairs, bad weather, and normal wear and tear because it’s more durable. There is nothing to bring in and store when the season is over. Find a table big enough for your family and your guests for your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Adding a wood pergola to your deck can give it shade and make the dining area look like a cozy retreat. And don’t be afraid to add some soft pillows and storage bins to keep your deck looking clean and inviting all year long.

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