Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
In person event

In-person events are back in the game, nowadays a lot of organizations and businesses are hosting in-person events rather than virtual events. In-person events are great to interact with people personally and establish some strong connections but there are a few limitations of in-person events too and you can overcome these limitations of in-person events by using in-person events platforms. From providing registration for on-ground events to providing insights there are various reasons to use these in-person event platforms. Continue reading to know more. 

Reasons To Consider In-Person Event Platform 

1. Cost Effective 

One of the most crucial reasons to use an in-person event platform is cost. These platforms are cost-effective and they manage and plan your event without burning your funds. When you are hosting an on-ground event there are a lot of things that you need to organize from the venue, and catering service to accommodation and travel everything costs a lot and if you are hosting a huge event the amount will increase with every person so if you use an event platform during an in-person event it will cut down the cost as a lot of your audience will be able to join your event online. They don’t have to be physically present and it will cut down your cost. 

2. Easy Registration And Ticketing 

The best part about using a digital event platform for in-person events is easy registration and ticketing. These in-person event platforms are easy and manageable. When you are hosting an in-person event having an estimate of the headcount helps a lot during the planning process.

Registration for on-ground events through the event platform will keep the track of attendees. You don’t want to lose track of your attendees because doing so could damage your reputation, and the event organizers’ reputation, and cost you, future clients. Organizers need to figure out the venue, catering, parking space, accommodations, etc for in-person events, and having an estimate of a headcount helps in decision-making. 

3. Increase Reach 

In-person events can remove one of the major limitations of in-person events. Organizers don’t have to stick to a certain number and geographical territory; they can reach larger audiences from around the world with the help of in-person event platforms. Organizers can live to stream their in-person event and in this way, they can attract and engage with a larger section of the audience without spending too much. 

Traditionally you have to limit the headcount for in-person events and more audience in a traditional in-person event can increase the expense. But with an event platform reaching a larger audience is inexpensive. 

4. All Data At One Place 

Another reason to consider using an event platform for virtual events is data collection. Event platforms collect and store all the necessary data in one place. These virtual platforms have all the necessary data and details like demographics, name, email address, number, or other information you have asked for. 

An event marketer or event organizer can better manage the event by keeping all of this information in one location. There are more options here, and handling this data is much simpler, whether it be for making changes or gathering information for post-event. Running your event becomes much simpler and less stressful with the help of the event platform.

5. Event CRM 

This demographic information can also be readily loaded into your CRM software with tickets and registration included

CRM plays a major role during events and to store that data and information you will need CRM. Participants that are interested in your events or are signing up for the event are your potential customers, thus you want to be able to simply import their data into your CRM program.

The digital platform may be used for ticketing and registration and can then be easily integrated into your marketing tools whether you are using it for organizing a hybrid event, an in-person event, or a virtual event. 

6. Reduce Time And Efforts 

Organization of an in-person event takes a lot of time from businesses and their event managers due to the massive physical infrastructure and its customization. But when you are considering an event platform you can save a lot of time that goes into management and organization.

Because of their more scalable and simpler architecture, in-person events are simpler to set up with the help of digital platforms. Additionally, since there is no travel required, it is simpler for the majority of attendees to attend an event online.

7. Real-Time Analytics 

Analytics are necessary for any event. And when you are hosting a virtual event the only source for collecting all the data and insights are event platforms. Without an event platform, you won’t be able to collect data and insights just based on headcount. There are so many questions that you have after the event, for instance how your attendees were engaging, how many individuals attended a session, and if they stayed in the session till last or if they left the session in between. 

Additionally, you will be fully aware of the type of content that generated the greatest interest and response as an event organizer. And you have access to real-time information. Simply put, you’ll be able to tell what works and what doesn’t. Long-term iteration and customization of your events for certain target audiences and goals will be made possible with these insights.

8. Engagement And Feedback

One of the reasons for using an in-person event platform is to increase engagement. Many people are more active online than in-person. Some participants may not be able to connect with people personally but with the help of these event platforms, they can take part in polls, and send chats and reactions that enable interaction. They may also find out how many individuals asked questions and provided feedback, as well as how many people shared their experiences on social media.

You can also easily collect feedback from your event participants. These platforms can help you generate a feedback form that your participants can fill out at the end of the event. 

Key Takeaway 

Event platforms enable organizations and businesses to increase their reach, collect data, improve engagement and enhance customers’ experience so there are a lot of reasons to prefer event platforms for in-person events. These platforms are simple add-ons that will increase the value of your next event. 

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