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Canned motor

Canned motor pumps are designed for specific applications. These pumps are usually low-cost, maintenance-free, and energy-efficient. Moreover, they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and power requirements. With recent technological advances, they are scalable and can be tailored to meet client requirements.

Sealless Canned Motor Pump

A sealless canned motor pump has a double containment system that ensures the tightest of seals. In addition, the monobloc design provides the maximum level of security. The company was established in 1998 by two enthusiast mechanics and specializes in sealless pumps. These pumps are available for trial and purchase, and the company also offers after-sales services.

The report covers a wide range of applications, including chemical plants, pharmaceutical industries, refineries, nuclear power plants, and ammonia transfer. In addition, the report includes information on recent developments and strategies employed by key companies. It also provides a two-dimensional view of the market, including the revenues and prices of leading manufacturers, as well as the size of their production capacity.

The market for sealless pumps in India can be categorized by product type. The three types are canned motor pumps, magnetic-driven pumps, and sealless pumps. Of these three types, magnetic-driven pumps are projected to dominate the market by 2021. These pumps are ideal for handling liquids that are corrosive or dangerous to human health.

Types of canned motors

There are different types of canned motor pumps. Some are designed for high-temperature operations, while others are designed for low-temperature operations. A self-priming type is suitable for pumping up fluids from underground tanks, while full-steam-jacket pumps have a higher head and more efficient performance.

Depending on the pumping application, the type of canned motor is selected based on several parameters. The materials and components are chosen to provide long-term performance. For example, high-temperature pumps are generally equipped with heat exchangers. Two main factors affecting the motor’s life span are the motor’s temperature and the fluid temperature at the bearings. The insulation class is also chosen according to expected motor temperatures. Class H pumps, for example, are rated for temperatures up to 180°C.

Some of the types of canned motor pumps are mechanical seal, air-cooled, and magnetic. They are available for power generation, pulp and paper, machine tools, pharmaceutical, and engineering applications. Some also feature turbine technology, allowing them to handle high-pressure light hydrocarbon and water, as well as mining applications.

Advantages of using a canned motor pump

Canned motor pumps have numerous advantages over other pumps. Here are few important points to be aware of:

1. Canned motor pumps are hermetically sealed, meaning that there is no need for seals or packing. This results in a much more reliable pump that is less likely to leak.

2. Canned motor pumps are self-lubricating, which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

3. Canned motor pumps are often smaller and lighter than other types of pumps, making them easier to install and operate.

4. Canned motor pumps typically have a longer life span than other types of pumps, due to their simplified design and lack of moving parts.

5. Canned motor pumps are often more energy efficient than other types of pumps, due to their higher efficiency motors.

F.N Engineering

One of the leading F.N Engineering canned motor pump manufacturers in the country is Fnengg Pumps. The company manufactures motor pumps that are nearly maintenance-free, run at very low power consumption, and have excellent pumping capabilities. They also offer customized designs to meet the specifications of clients. These machines are designed to provide high efficiency while ensuring safety.

The company specializes in ISO 15783 and API 685 Canned Motor Pumps. It has more than 800 pump designs in its portfolio, with an ambitious development program. Its range of canned motor pumps incorporates various features, including different motors and hydraulics. These pumps also feature a terminal box with an “e” level of protection.

The report also includes an analysis of the major customer acquisition channels. It details the types of customers acquired through each channel, as well as their lifetime value. These insights can help marketers and manufacturers create effective marketing campaigns.

F.N Engineering

Fnengg Pumps are one of the leading Sealless Canned Motor Pump Manufacturers in India. Their pumps are virtually maintenance-free and consume low power. Moreover, they come in a wide range and are designed as per the requirements of the clients. These pumps are designed in accordance with the latest trends in plant engineering.

Canned motor pumps are hermetic pump units that are available in single-stage and multistage configurations. Their impellers are mounted at the overhung end of the shared shaft. The performance parameters of these pumps are defined in accordance with their main areas of application. These include the chemical industry and the refining industry. Their power limit is typically around 600 kW.

Canned motor pumps are a great option for industrial applications. The sealless design eliminates the need for a mechanical seal and other sealing devices. They also feature a hermetically-sealed electric motor mounted on one shaft. This ensures no leaks.

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