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Live Streaming Services

Live streaming services are booming everywhere. With the rise in technological innovations, live streaming platforms are rapidly increasing to provide the best content at the best place for you.

Live streaming providers are the favorite choice of broadcasters across a wide range of industries with a multitude of use cases. In this blog, we will be explaining live streaming services and different types of streaming platforms.

Live Streaming – at a Glance

The process of live streaming comprises instant delivery of the video content to your viewers without being recorded or downloaded in real-time. With the help of a wide range of internet devices, the live streaming video is actually delivered to the audience watching the event or show.

With heavy video files, some powerful tools are thus required to handle them perfectly. Some of the Best Live streaming services thus allow their users to present the live feed which has been recently hosted over the internet or a designated platform. Additionally, most of them prefer low latency streaming for better video quality.

These services thus enable brands and creators to increase their live presence in front of an audience and ultimately promote themselves & creating brand awareness.

Live streaming is also very important from a business perspective. They allow business professionals to conduct any conference which has to be attended by other officials from their respective cabins or offices.

Three is a lot of scopes to explore in the field of live streaming. These platforms can easily host up to a thousand streamers and the audience can easily access the event from the cloud-based platform.

Live streams can also be shared with the help of leading social media platforms such as – Instagram, Facebook, etc. All you need to do is just share the link to a community.

What Are Different Types of Streaming

There are broad categories of live streaming which had diverse use in hosting different types of events –

In-Person Streaming

  • This type of live stream is also referred to as physical streaming. This streaming thus requires the setting up of physical venues, presenters, keynote speakers, and much more.
  • The major attraction is the virtual audience which is attending the whole event from anywhere in the world with the help of event live streaming providers.
  • The event participants can join the stage in person or with a video call.

Hybrid Streaming

  • It is very much similar to in-person streaming with certain additions like – a layer of an audience in the room.
  • For completing this setup we will be additionally having sound & visual requirements just like – a screen, as well as speakers for the audience, is present in the room.

Virtual Streaming

  • It is basically defined as going virtual completely. All the audience, presenters, keynote speakers, and other members involved appears via video call which will run with the help of software and then be published on the virtual stage.
  • This type of streaming is mostly done with the help of live streaming providers and audiences demanding the event from across the world.

Popular Benefits of Live Streaming

Some of the common benefits of live streaming have been listed below for having a better understanding of the importance of live streaming –

High-Quality Streaming

  • When you try to stream your content with the help of any free tool or social media platform, the quality of the stream will be just up to the mark.
  • For a high-quality stream, you need a good CDN that is provided by a live streaming provider.

Detailed Insights

  • With the help of live streaming services, you get all the required details of the active participants who had registered to watch your event or stream.
  • It is very important to further send reminder emails to them for your next stream or event.
  • Data & metrics are a part of the improvement for the organizers which makes them note down important touch points for better engagement.

Dedicated Support

  • With not having much experience in the field of live streaming, there are some situations that can get you in trouble in the case of any technical glitch.
  • With the help of live streaming services for events, you can easily get 24*7 support and beneficial advice which works in favor of the successful hosting of your event.

Popular Live Streaming Platforms in 2023

Here is the list of some of the popular live streaming platforms of this year-

StreamLabs Desktop

  • Streamlabs has recently emerged as one of the mainstream platforms when it comes to live to stream of an event.
  • It is the most preferred choice for gamers in addition to other streaming software services.


  • Dreamcast thus specializes in the transformation of virtual experiences through its immersive real-time features like – live polling, chat box, and Q&A options that engage the audience for long hours.
  • Dreamcast is also one of the emerging live streaming services providers which works in direction of putting its best efforts to make even a single penny spent on organizing events worthy.


  • It is a browser-based tool that is primarily designed for social broadcasting purposes.
  • It helps in streaming and recording your video simultaneously right through your browser. Easily you can invite up to ten guests through the browser.


  • It is a very easy-to-use browser-based streaming platform that works with even an ordinary desktop & internet connection.
  • It works entirely on the cloud, but the rest part related to the coding, and the encoding is executed on Livestream servers.

Instagram Live

  • Ask any creators of live streams on social, and the odds are that they’ll talk about Instagram Live.
  • Live rooms allow the live streaming of up to three others at the same time to live fundraising events which help you raise funds for a cause Instagram provides the whole package.


  • Live streaming is only one of the services Panopto provides. The service is an application for video for business and educational institutions.
  • The service provides video content management, along with the security of a library that can store the videos that you’ve recorded.

Final Thoughts

With the help of on-demand live streaming services, there are comparatively more chances of reaching out to a wider range of potential customers and audiences. Best Live streaming services had emerged with time and are now the most popular services in terms of delivering content to the audience.

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