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Apps That Make the Life of University Students Easier

You are an adult, so you may think you do not need to rely on timetables and schedules to manage your life, but it are not so. Things can slip through the cracks, and it has nothing to do with your age. 

University life can be tricky to manage – lectures, workshops, events, part-time work, money-saving, and social life – everything needs to be managed simultaneously. However, a phone can help you stay organised. It may have a lot of apps but not the one that can help you stick to your timetables, revisions, mindfulness and money-saving.

Here are some of the apps that will make your studies easier:                                                  


This is the best app to stay organised with your lectures, assignments and exams, with no more concerns about missing your assignment deadline. It is an online study planner that helps track all of your classes, tasks, assignments, and examinations. 

Schedule tasks and set reminders so you can complete all the homework and the deadline of an assignment. The app will allow you to manage time sufficiently for your studies. You will likely become more productive so that you can spend time on other essential things. 

It supports both traditional timetables and rotational schedules.

In addition to subjects, you can enter information about lessons as well

Get notifications of upcoming classes, assignments, pending tasks and exams. 


This app is helpful for anyone, whether you are a university student or an entrepreneur who manages a team of professionals. Make a to-do list and manage your day without any hustle and bustle. It will help you remember project deadlines, lectures, assignments, and whatever you have added to the list. 

Now managing your day with the app is more accessible now. In fact, you can work with your team with this app. Collaboration is the essential feature of this app. You can do it if you want to share a project or assignment with your friends. Though it is easy to share, it is private. You can also form a gathering to examine something significant. 


It is also a free app that you can download to your phone. It comes in handy when a big deadline is approaching you. As a university student, you must concentrate on your reflections, assignments and projects. Off-time apps can help you focus on your goals by blocking your calls, messages and notifications. 

This is the best app to use when you are preparing for exams or when you are to submit your presentation or assignment just the next day. Block all your distractions so you ensure that your whole attention is on your project. However, the app can allow you to make exceptions if you want to hear from an important person. 


It is essential to take notes during lectures so you can revise important points at home. However, getting notes on the back of an envelope will not be worthwhile. Penning down and paying attention to the lecturer at the same time. This is when the Sound note app can help you. 

This app can record the lecture and replay it whenever you desire to attend it. If you fall asleep in class and miss important points, do not worry because the app will get you back on track. 

It is not exclusively for students. Even journalists can use this app. Any crucial points missed in an interview can be easily tracked after playing the audio back. After recording, you can share the file with anyone. You can pen down the content and transfer it to an email or computer device. 


This is also a free app. You can use this app for revision tasks. Once you have created notes, you can turn them into flashcards and quizzes. The app is full of bundles of learning content and award-winning tools. 

Take advantage of it to revise the desired material. You can even share learning resources with a large community. In fact, sharing is what makes this app wonderful for revision and learning. Revision and learning is a way engaging for you. Flashcards, mind maps, notes, quizzes, slides, and flow charts are tools that will make your learning more accessible and faster. 


It comes in both accessible and paid versions. This is the best app for those who write suppositions and dissertations. Writing is not straightforward, particularly when you must complete theses and dissertations. You have to be careful about citation style, the format used, grammar, plagiarism, and so many things. 

This app can resolve all these problems. If you use a free version, you are allowed to use MLA format and only the first five errors. The free account could be more helpful. Therefore, you should switch to an upgraded one, which will put you on a three-day trial. 

You will have access to over 7,000 citation styles, including APA and Chicago, unlimited grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and expert help for 30 papers per month. If you go for a full study-pack version, you will have all these facilities, along with unlimited expert help, millions of textbook solutions, instant math solvers, and practice solutions. 

The trial version costs $9.95 per month and $19.95 per month. If you mandate additional money, you can take out short-term loans online. When taking out a loan, make it infallible that you can reimburse the debt.

The bottom line

As a university student, you can find it hard to stay organised. Not only do you have to focus on your studies, but you also have to concentrate on other parts of your life like money-earning and money-saving. 

Well, there are some apps that you can use to manage your studies smoothly. These apps will always keep you in your schedule. Whether you have to submit a project or attend an important lecture, the aforementioned apps can help you with your studies. There are several other apps that you can find helpful, most of which are free.

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