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Laura lynne duffy

Laura Lynne Duffy hasn’t always been the financial wizard she is today; instead, she had to learn the hard way. In her early 20s, after a series of bad decisions and unfortunate circumstances, Laura lynne duffy found herself nearly $300,000 in debt and without hope of ever paying it back on her then-current income level. But Laura refused to let that define her—Laura lynne duffy took control of her money and paid off all of her debt in less than five years with determination, sacrifice, and frugal spending habits.

Who is Laura Lynne Duffy?

Laura Lynne Duffy is one of America’s most trusted finance experts. The author of six books, Laura lynne duffy has served on several nonprofit boards and is an inspirational speaker for women’s events throughout North America. As a single mother, she battled her way to financial freedom to provide a secure future for her children. Today, she runs The Finance Bar with her son James who loves technology just as much as his mom!

Together they offer simple solutions for better money management that anyone can follow. No matter what your budget or situation may be, Laura lynne duffy will help you create a plan to get out of debt fast, make more money in less time and finally live your life without limits so you can focus on what really matters.

Personal Information about Laura lynne duffy

Laura lynne duffy is a financial wizard and super mom of 3 kids. She loves blogging about frugal living, coupon clipping, and saving money. Her passion for helping others save money has led her to create her own website called The Frugal Mom where Laura lynne duffy shares her tips and tricks on how to save big bucks! When not writing for The Frugal Mom, you can find Laura lynne duffy spending time with her family or hanging out with friends.

The Suze Orman Show

After a successful career on Wall Street, Ms. Duffy began helping people who were stuck in debt and had no idea how to dig themselves out. She established herself as an expert in personal finance, and in 2011 she began hosting her own show on HLN called The Money Coach with Laura Lynne Duffy. Now, her show can be seen internationally on television stations around the world. Her new book is called The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream (2016).

What are the secrets of Laura lynne duffy’s success?

In today’s tough job market, it can be a challenge for working parents to build wealth while also caring for their children. It takes talent, hard work, determination and a bit of luck. But it is doable. Just ask money expert Laura lynne duffy. After all, she wrote Save Your Retirement. This book is packed with tips that are applicable to people of all ages — whether they are just starting out in their career or are near retirement age.

Her latest Book

In her book The 10 Commandments of Money, financial expert Laura lynne duffy reveals a powerful set of tools that help anyone get rich while spending less time managing money. These are her top 10 tips for mastering your finances and making more with less effort. Laura lynne duffy also shares her best money-saving secrets to give you a jumpstart on getting in control of your money now. And she shows you how to use common household items as creative solutions for organizing your life — so that you can spend more quality time with family.

The most popular books of Laura lynne duffy

the financial wizardry of Laura lynne duffy is really good. it has opened my eyes to how money actually works. i know now why i struggled so long with it. its like learning a new language. you never realize how ignorant you are until you learn what you dont know . i look forward to reading all her other books very soon in fact! really worth your time if your serious about making some real changes in life! she will help you change your mindset on finances, which is where most people go wrong.

Laura lynne duffy shows how to make more money by working smarter not harder and explains that better than anyone else ive read. im only half way through but already seeing results for myself personally from applying what she teaches. thanks laura lynne duffy for writing such an informative book!!


Working hard doesn’t have to mean a lack of balance in your life, as proved by Laura Lynne Duffy. This go-getter has her head on straight when it comes to juggling home and family with career, doing what she loves all while making time for herself. We could all learn a little something from Ms. Duffy’s example—whether you want to start a new business or further your writing career, there are no limits if you put your mind to it.

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