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look stylish as you age

After they cross their forties, women feel that there is a certain way that they should carry themselves. They ditch certain styles so that they do not come across as someone who does not know how to dress their age. This is sad. While I was looking for Pakistani dresses online USA (those clothes fascinate me), I came across a similar article on how women are age-shamed.

Continue reading this blog to learn ways you can look stylish as you age.

Don’t Buy If You Do not Like

Here’s a thing about our teens and young age, we would purchase everything trendy just so that society considers us a part of it. However, this should not be the case when you cross your forties. Anything that fails to flatter you should be off the list even if it’s trending at that time. Listen to yourself and see what is it that makes you comfortable.

For that to happen, you should be well aware of your body type, what goes well with it, and what does not. Once you start dressing according to your body type, you will have a chic look to yourself automatically.

Not too Polished

Do not try to match everything and come across as a person who is too polished. That is boring and a teenage thing. You should go with the vibe, mix and match and create a different look every time you wear a certain outfit. Be playful when it comes to your dressing. It will add to your jolly nature (if there is). Even if you are not a very happy person, you will come across as one.

For example, if you opt for wearing a two-piece suit, it will give you an instant old look. However, if you consider pairing the jacket from your suit with some other colored skirt or trousers, you will not look that old. You looking effortlessly chic is a bonus.

Avoid Cheap Fabrics

You would not want to invest in cheap fabrics as they do not look flattering at all. It will give you the opposite of what you consider a chic look. And trust me when I say you won’t like it. It is always a better idea to invest in good-quality, long-lasting clothes. They will not only sit in your wardrobe for a longer period of time but they will also give you a stylish look.

Say NO to Tight Over Tight

The biggest fashion blunder that you can possibly make at this age is wearing a tight top over tight jeans or skirts. They both will look very odd. You should aim at having one tight piece of clothing while the other should be a loose fit. Try it and you will love it.

Things You Should be More Of

There are certain things or traits that you should pay more attention to at this age.

Know Your Style

It will help you a great deal if you figure out your style and are well aware of it. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who dresses up in a way that makes her look pleasant and represents who she is. Remember that the way you dress is actually a way of you conveying traits about your personality.

Determination of Wardrobe Essentials

You also need to figure out the wardrobe essentials that are unique to your style. When you have them stacked in your wardrobe, you will not have to worry about your outfits anymore. These essentials look good with almost every jacket and a piece of trousers. You should just know how to carry yourself well.

Wear Mid-Length Skirts

As you age, you will look flawless in a mid-length skirt that you can pair with your choice of blouse. However, try not to go too over your knee when it comes to the length of your skirt. Hence, the recommendation- is mid-length skirts. You might be wondering what is wrong with a shorter skirt than that. The fact that your calves will show in that skirt and that they won’t give you a very young look is why you would want to hide them.

The thing about Pakistani women’s dress is that women tend to hide whatever is sagging beneath it – short skirts are not part of their traditional attire anyway. I think I would want to consider these clothes once I get old.

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