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There’s always a need to have the most essential tools, especially if you consider yourself a dedicated homeowner. However, if you’ve just purchased a new home, and you don’t have all the necessary tools, then it is important to know which should be on your essential to-get list. After all, your home is safe, as long as it’s properly stocked with all the outdoor items that can help you in numerous situations. So here are some of the most important outdoor tools that you should have as an aspiring homeowner. 

A hose/sprinkler

Regardless if you have a lawn or an elaborate garden, you’ll have to make sure that your greens are properly watered, especially during the summer. If you have a big yard, then a simple hose will be more than enough. However, if you plan to plant interesting plants or a lot of grass, then a sprinkler is the best way to make sure that your greens are watered and properly maintained. 


If you own a garage or a shed, then a ladder is a must-have thing that you should get. First, you can never be sure when you’ll actually need to reach for something or to take care of an issue that requires you to climb a certain height. Cleaning the windows and the gutters are such activities that require you to climb the ladders, so having them in your shed is a smart decision. 


Mowing the lawn is often considered an annoying chore most of us would skip. However, it’s also important, especially if you want to get the most out of your curb appeal. So once you start equipping your household, make sure to purchase a quality lawn mower. Also, if it’s your first time buying a lawnmower then make sure to take the size and type of your yard into consideration. Knowing that will help you choose the most suitable lawnmower. 

A knife that fits your hand

There’s always something that needs to be chopped or cut, especially if you own a big yard and enjoy outdoor activities to boot! But, if you lack experience handling knives or other sharp objects, then an automatic otf knife will fit you nicely as it is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Having a knife will make it easier for you to cut through the overgrown tree branches, which is important if you want to keep your home neat and protected from cold. Also, remember that a knife can be used for weeding, cutting roots, and transplanting/diving plants. 

Hedge clippers 

Every yard or curb looks more luxurious with beautiful shrubs planted in the right places. And if you add bushes and hedges to the mix, you can bet that your backyard or curb will be the envy of the entire neighborhood. Still, to maintain all that, you’ll need a pair of quality hedge clippers, because failing to trim them, you’re also risking them becoming unruly. So to avoid that, get your best hedge clippers and use them regularly!

A gardening shovel 

This is important if you’re passionate about gardening. Simply, it’s difficult to maintain a garden if you don’t have all the necessary tools, such as a shovel. In case you live in an area with heavy snowfalls, then a shovel can be extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning your yard and your driveway. There are numerous types of shovels, so it’s important to think things through and chose the one that will actually use the most. Usually, shovels are used for digging, scooping or transferring, so be sure to get a shovel that will be the most suitable for you. 

A pair of gloves

Outdoor work can be exhausting and oftentimes dangerous, which is why it’s essential to make sure you’re well-protected. For example, a pair of quality gloves can help you protect your hands from scratches and other injuries while you’re gardening. Think of it like putting covers on outdoor furniture: it’s all about protection. Your hands will definitley thank you afterward. Additionally, keep in mind that leather isn’t breathable, so it’s best to opt for tight-fitting gloves made of grippable material. 

Leaf blower

During fall, leaves can get everywhere, which can make your yard look messed up. Therefore, a leaf blower is a great investment as it cleans up the debris as well as leaves from big areas. A lot of such tools come as a combo, together with a leaf mulcher. The leaf blower will help you clean up, while the mulcher will reduce the number of bags you’ll use for your leaves. 


These are some of the most essential outdoor tools that you should get if you own a home. Using them regularly will make your yard (and your garden!) look tidy and presentable. Finally, you’ll find it much easier to do all outdoor chores once you get them.

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