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Leh Ladakh

A bike trip to the thrilling mountain space of Leh Ladakh is best amongst passionate bikers’ lists. The roads are open for a short period. The Manali Leh highway links the lower Himalayan region to the high-altitude Ladakh region.

In this journey, you will come across a total of 7 passes and 3 of them are the world’s loftiest passes. The journey is full of thrill and will leave enthralling. Jammu and Kashmir cover most of the northern Himalayan region which has a terrain and moonscape like nowhere else. 

It is a beautiful journey full of adventure, nature, and culture, and some of the most picturesque parts of the world. Ladakh especially is a spiritual realization of a dream. Here the brown mountains are divided into vivid colors – as you go closer you will witness the bright green sanctuary around hamlets in the river valleys for centuries, old monasteries, and explore the ancient tradition of mystical Buddhism.

Ladakh Bike trip 2022

A bike trip to Leh Ladakh tops the bucket list of every adventure lover. No doubt, Ladakh which is bounded by the Himalayas on all sides, serves memorable experiences to all tourists from across the globe. Even if you can get to the destination by all modes of transportation, discovering it by bike has a cherishable adventure. Prepare yourself for the Leh Ladakh Bike Trip to make on you a path through the barren mountain, slippery roads, tough topography, and age-old monasteries. You can’t stop capturing a moment of the unparalleled views provided at every turn.

Best time to visit

Keeping the harsh winter season in mind, April to June is the perfect time to visit Leh. Days become warn while night offers an adventure charm with the perfect combination of the mountain breeze. Although some trek activities are only open during the winter season, however, intense snowfall restricts and jams all roads. But you can surely make a pan and satisfy your inner zeal.

Places to visit 

Magnetic hill

Magnetic hill has been a spot to explore by travelers from all across the world because it serves something distinct and unbelievable. Some regarded it as a topographical wonder others put it off as an illusion, however, the aura and the surroundings of the magnetic hill, only grow. It’s considered that vehicles when parked at a marked place,  disobey gravity and start moving toward elevation.

Khardung La Pass

Often known as the loftiest motorable road in the world by people, even though controversial and debatable yet doesn’t harm the marvelousness of the Khardung La Pass. Besides being one of the well-known tourist attractions in the Leh region, Khardung La pass is also a place of importance for the Indian Army as it is the major road that is used to transport supplies and essential amenities to the Siachin glacier. Khardung La Pass provides a breathtaking view of the Karakoram range and serves travelers with an experience like no one can provide. It is said that your bike tour to Leh is not regarded as complete until you visit Khardung La Pass.

Shanti Stupa

Since it started, the Shanti stupa has managed to retain its importance as the most famous tourist attraction in Leh. Having religious beliefs and the relics of Buddha at its base. With a splendid backdrop, this is most likely to snatch your breath away, this region provides tranquility and serenity to everyone who cokes across this region. To capture the best view of the stunning location, make sure to be there during the sunrise and sunset, and cherish a panoramic view of the spot.

Things to Consider Before Planning

Now that you are all set to start on the adventure-filled journey there are a few things you need to make sure of before commencing your Leh Ladakh bike trip. Let’s have a look once-

Plan the best time to visit Ladakh for a bike trip. The road to Ladakh is available for tourists from May to October, the weather is charming and the temperature is suitable for a smooth bike ride experience. 

Carrying your driving license along with other important documents. 

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