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Christmas gifts for kids

The season of giving has finally arrived, and buying Christmas gifts for kids is more challenging than it seems. If you are on a sophisticate budget and don’t have the time or resources to shop? There is still a lot that can be done to make Christmas extra special for your little one! We will list some best art and craft gift ideas that can be bought from the store or homemade through orders from an online store. 

Kids Book About Christmas

1. Kid’s Book About Christmas:

If you’re looking for extraordinary and memorable Christmas gifts for kids this year? Why not make them a custom book about the holiday? It can be a fun project to work on together as a family, and it’s sure to become a cherished keepsake.

To get start, choose your favorite Christmas story or poem and start illustrating it. If you’re not artistic yourself, plenty of great how-to books and online tutorials can help you out. And don’t forget to add your personal touches – this will make the book truly one-of-a-kind. And order Christmas Gifts online and make your little kid happier.

Once you’re finish, bind the pages together using string, ribbon, or staples. Then sit down with your kids and let them enjoy their special Christmas story.

Star Plates and Bowls

1. Star Plates and Bowls: These star-shaped plates and bowls are the perfect way to cheer up your little ones with holiday cheer. They’ll love eating their Christmas dinner off of these festive dishes.

Drawn Penguin Ornament

This super easy penguin Christmas craft is perfect for kids! All you need is black cardstock, a white pencil, and googly eyes. Draw a penguin shape onto the black cardstock and cut it out. Then, use the white pencil to add details like the beak, feet, and belly. Finish it by gluing on some googly eyes, and you’re done!

Paper Plate Hanging Snowman

What you will need: 

Paper plate 

White paint 

Blue paint 

Orange paint 




String or ribbon 

Black marker or pen


1. Paint the paper plate white and let it dry. It will be the snowman’s body.

2. Paint a blue circle in the middle of the plate. It will be the snowman’s head.

3. Cut out a small orange triangle for the nose and glue it on the blue circle.

4. Use the black marker or pen to draw on two eyes and a mouth. 5. Cut out a hole at the top of the plate and tie string or ribbon through it to create a hanger. Your paper plate snowman is now complete!

Heart Coasters

These heart coasters are the perfect gift for kids! They are easy to create and can be personalized with any colors or designs you like. Plus, they make a great addition to any holiday decor. To make these coasters, you will need the following: Wealth Management by Edward Zuckerman Pdf Download

-4×4 inch square tiles (we used white ceramic tiles, but you can use any color or type of tile that you like)

-Mod Podge

-Foam brush


-Ribbon or twine (optional)

Begin by cutting out your felt hearts. You can freehand this step or use a template if you prefer. Once you have your felt hearts cut out, use a foam brush to apply a skinny layer of Mod Podge to behind each one. Then, press the hearts onto your tiles. Allow the Mod Podge to remove humidity completely (this usually takes about 30 minutes). Once the Mod Podge is parch! you can optionally tie a ribbon or twine around each coaster for added decoration. These coasters look great as part of a holiday tablescape or can be given as gifts! Also, you can send Christmas Gifts online and make your loved ones happy. Axis Bank LIC Platinum Credit Card Review

Matching Mom and Child (Clothes Store) T-Shirts

Matching Mom and Child T-Shirts are the perfect Christmas present for any mom and her kid! They’re comfortable and stylish and show off your family bond.

There are many classified designs to choose from, so you can find the ideal one for your family. You can also personalize the shirts with your text or images.

Matching T-shirts are a great gift for any occasion, but they’re perfect for Christmas. You can find more gift ideas here.

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