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Apparel and Khaki

Did you ever know that many jobs accept people for work based on what they wear? It is one of the most common norms, and this is how people judge others according to their apparel. This can cause a lot of problems because the applicants who have the skills and talent don’t get selected only because they didn’t dress well or according to the norms. To prove that you have certain class and authority, you need to dress well, and you should start with a good dress. Choose the appropriate shirt and pants combination. If you are not sure where to begin or how to dress, then in this guide you will find some of the best solutions for your problems, like, for instance, what to wear with khaki pants and so on.

Wear Contrasting Pants and Shirts 

Don’t think about wearing matching pants and shirts, as this idea may work for some but not for others. And this is almost never the case. One of the best combinations that you can think of that goes well with pants and shorts is a contrasting one. Using the similar colours and tones will end up looking unremarkable and dull. So, the result will be that you will not be unique, and also, these are the outfits that many people avoid. When it comes to colour and shade, it is important that there is a contrast between the dark and the light shade. If you are wearing a trouser that has a dark tone, then light shades such as beige, white, sky blue, and others can work well.

If you are having light tones of trousers like that of cream or light khaki pants, then you can choose to wear the dark shirts like dark blue, maroon, black, or purple. It will add a complementary combination between the two tones.

Organize the checks and patterns as well

Outfits that come with patterns or a similar style, like checks, look their best when you choose the right combination. Use a checked colour shirt with solid colour trousers, making the pattern look suave and more accented. This is one of the ways in which the pattern will look unique and stand out in harmony. Also, you should wear plain pants with a checked shirt. Some of the colour combinations for the same are black and blue, beige, white, or simply beige. Also, you should use subtle colours when going for any kind of print. You can choose trousers of dark tone and make sure that for a job interview you don’t choose printed pants or shirts.

It is critical to match fabrics correctly

In making your shirt and pants colour combination the correct fabric plays a very pivotal role. especially when it is a customised one. It depends on the fabric that is used for the colours to truly reflect; two fabrics of similar colour will appear differently in terms of texture and shade. Besides that, if you have questions like “what to wear with khaki pants,” Then let me tell you that khaki with chino shirts goes perfectly well, whether a plain cotton shirt, denim shirt, or woollen shirt,


One of the things that you should know about khaki pants is that they are best known for their adaptability. It can be any shirt that the khaki pants go with. Another great thing you will know about the khaki pants is that they work with either casual or formal outfits. Some of the shirt colours that match perfectly with the khaki pants are shades of maroon, red, blue, black, white, and violet. You can also wear khaki pants in a different shade of brown.

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