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Cynthia Davis Spencer

Cynthia Davis Spencer grew up in the small town of Statesboro, Georgia and lived there until she was 17 years old. She attended Statesboro High School where she graduated in the class of 1971, and went on to attend Georgia State University to pursue business studies. Cynthia Davis Spencer never married, but instead dedicated her life to raising one daughter, Alexandra Davis who now has two children of her own. It wasn’t until recently that Cynthia took an interest in photography and began to take classes that were offered at the local community college…

Who is Cynthia Davis Spencer?

Cynthia Davis Spencer is the mother of Alexandra Davis. She was an activist for civil rights, an educator and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. Cynthia Davis Spencer taught her daughter about love and hope as she raised her in Birmingham during some of the most violent years of Alabama’s history. While working as an elementary school teacher, Mrs. Spencer had to be very careful that nothing interfered with her job but she continued to fight alongside Dr. King to make things better for all people in America who are not treated equally.

Cynthia Davis Spencer Early Life

Cynthia Davis Spencer hia was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her mother was a housewife and her father was an accountant. She attended college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and earned a degree in accounting. After graduation she moved back to Houston where she became an accountant for a large energy company until she retired after thirty years of service. Cynthia Davis Spencer has been married twice and is now widowed. She is also the grandmother of Alexandra Davis who has written this blog post.


Cynthia Davis Spencer is a published author and is currently working on her next book. She has also been a reporter for the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Newsweek. Cynthia Davis Spencer has won two Pulitzer Prizes and is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She has appeared as an expert guest on such programs as Good Morning America, The Today Show, PBS NewsHour, and NPR’s All Things Considered. Cynthia Davis Spencer is married to Edward Charles Spencer III, who was formerly in the military. Together they have three children: Alexandra Davis, Edward IV, and Elizabeth.

Her Husband’s Career

Cynthia Davis Spencer married to Earl Spencer and they have three children. Earl is a businessman who works in the financial sector. He also serves as chairman of Aston Villa Football Club. The couple has been together for about 10 years. They met at an event for International Youth Foundation where Earl was speaking on behalf of Prince William. Alexandra, her husband, and their two sons live in London, England.

Cynthia Davis Spencer spends most of her time raising her children and volunteering with charities close to her heart like Centrepoint, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Save The Children (UK), UNICEF (UK) and many others. She does not work outside the home but does do consulting for some charities that she’s interested in or are run by friends.  Cynthia Davis Spencer loves sports! She loves watching them on TV or playing them herself!

Currently Living

Cynthia Davis Spencer’s daughter Alexandra was diagnosed with cancer when she was three years old. Since then, Cynthia has done everything she can to make sure her daughter has a happy and fulfilling life. This is why Cynthia Davis Spencer created the charity, Kids in Need Foundation, which focuses on bringing joy to families that have been affected by pediatric cancer. In addition to running this charity, Cynthia also spends time volunteering at her daughter’s school and taking care of their family pets.

Cynthia Davis Spencer runs an animal rescue organization for dogs in need called Buddy Dog and believes that it is important for kids to learn about compassion from an early age. Cynthia Davis Spencer hopes that one day Alexandra will be able to live happily without having any worries or concerns about cancer.

Any Affair of Cynthia Davis Spencer?

Known as Cynthia Davis Spencer, this woman is best known for being the mother to Alexandra Artimovich-Davis. She was born in 1993 and grew up in a small town called Barnesville, Georgia. Her father left her family when she was just three years old.

However, her mom was always there for her to provide guidance and support, even though she had two other children to care for on top of herself. When Cynthia Davis Spencer’s dad passed away, he left behind an inheritance that would change their lives forever. The money helped put her through college and eventually led her to meet the love of her life – who also happened to be Alexandra’s father.


Cynthia Davis Spencer was an amazing woman who made a big impact on not just Alexandra’s life, but mine as well. She will always be my mother, and I am so grateful that she gave me her love.

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