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Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Are you consuming a diet that is relatively high in fat? If yes, you should get your medical test done without any delay. A cholesterol test is among the most useful tests that adults can undergo. 

Cholesterol builds up in your body from the foods that you consume. It is a fatty substance that is also produced naturally by your liver. Typically a cholesterol test is done to get a lipoprotein profile. However, this test’s results can provide a good idea about the potential trouble in the near future, especially in the context of various risk factors. 

Lipoproteins help to transport cholesterol throughout your body via the bloodstream. There are two types of lipoproteins, low density and high density. Those low-density lipoproteins have been labeled as bad cholesterol, and the high-density lipoproteins are considered good forms of cholesterol. 

Low-density lipoproteins at high levels can increase your chances of developing cardiovascular conditions. People who are overweight, have diabetes or thyroid problems or consume alcohol in excess should be regularly tested for cholesterol levels because these conditions contribute to the increased amounts of low-density lipoproteins in your blood. 

Is it a good idea to get a cholesterol test done?

High cholesterol is a prominent risk factor for cardiovascular problems, the leading cause of death worldwide. It is also a risk factor for conditions that lead to heart diseases, such as high bp and coronary artery disease. For these reasons alone, it could be well worth it to get a cholesterol test done. 

The problem with high cholesterol is that if it is not caught early enough, the damage is already done when that first twinge of pain in the chest sends you to your doctor. Don’t be like the millions of people who don’t know their cholesterol score. Taking your health for granted is the one thing none of you can afford to do.

Some people live a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and plenty of exercise but still suffer from high cholesterol. It comes as a surprise when they have a test and find that they have high cholesterol, much like their less-healthy neighbors. 

This proves that everyone needs to have their test done regularly. The cholesterol test cost is minimal; it will cost you Rs 350 to Rs 450.

How to interpret cholesterol test results?

Understanding the ramifications of different results is just as crucial as getting the test done. Based on your blood test readings, you may need to make specific changes to your lifestyle and dietary changes to ensure that your following test results improve. 

When you get the cholesterol test done, the result will show you different cholesterol numbers, including LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. The readings that show high concentrations of HDL (good cholesterol) will be a reason to feel happy; similarly, the presence of low amounts of bad cholesterol (LDL) will also mean that you are in good health. 

Typically, results showing that your LDL cholesterol level is below 100 are ideal, while a reading below 130 is also acceptable. On the other hand, a cholesterol test reading regarding LDL in excess of or equal to 130 is a reason for concern. 

A cholesterol test result reading for HDL that is more than sixty mg/dl is also good news for you though if these levels fall below forty mg/dl, you would need to increase your good cholesterol (HDL) levels. 

If you discover that your particular levels are high, you must talk with your doctor as soon as possible. You will need to make certain changes to your eating habits, and there are medications you can take to help lower cholesterol levels in your blood

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