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virtual reality London

During my trip to London last year, I explored the new and exciting virtual reality (VR) industry. I found that there are a lot of different virtual reality London, including museums, lounge bars, and tourist attractions. These places are ideal for enjoying a new form of entertainment.


OTHERWORLD is a virtual reality arcade in London. It features sixteen unique virtual reality experiences that take visitors to a heavenly island paradise. The experience is designed to be a blend of art and technology, using advanced VIVE headsets and air, heat, light, and scent effects. The arcade is based in a converted railway arch in East London.

The immersive VR experience is a tribute to Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Patrick Corgan. In the experience, users can go on a soar across the globe or explore solitary life on open seas. Using the PlayStation VR headset, visitors can switch between experiences.

Otherworld’s arcade features fourteen immersive VR pods that are designed to allow users to enjoy extra-sensory effects. These experiences include scent, rumble, and wind. The arcade also features a poke kitchen and craft beer bar. Otherworld was designed by Red Deer architectural group, a leading London-based architectural firm.

Otherworld VR Bar and Arcade offer immersive experiences for groups of up to eight. Each experience is designed to take the user into a different virtual world. The bar features a variety of games and is surrounded by a variety of colorful neon lights. The bar also features a self-service beer tap.

Otherworld has transported 60,000 people since its launch in 2019 to a virtual paradise island. The island is visually pleasing and has a number of beautiful biomes that coordinate with the types of games. The island is also an ideal date destination because it offers a number of single-player experiences as well as a variety of games.

We also feature a craft beer bar. The bar also features a self-service poke kitchen and is located under a railway arch in East London.

We also developed a number of VR games that are available for purchase in its arcade. The bar features a number of games that include shooting zombies, fishing, and climbing Mount Everest.

Otherworld has recently expanded its city center metaverse portals to allow users to access more games and experiences. In addition to single-player games, users can also participate in an interactive Rick and Morty episode.

virtual reality London

VR lounge-bars

Across the UK, the latest cutting-edge VR technology is here to transport you to an alternate universe. London is one of the cities that have adopted this new technology for its bars and restaurants. And there are many options to choose from.

Hyper Reality, for example, is a virtual reality experience in East London. It offers a fun package for groups of friends. We also have an excellent cocktail menu. The drinks are a lot of fun to sip and they’re all made in-house. You can choose from a selection of premium spirits, soft drinks, and mocktails.

Otherworld, on the other hand, is the first of its kind in the UK. This virtual reality bar is located in the railway arch in East London. The bar has fourteen VR pods and offers a range of sensory experiences. Its games include shooting robots and climbing Mount Everest. The arcade is also equipped with a self-service beer tap.

It’s a new way to have fun in the city. This experience puts you in the pilot’s seat of a Soyuz capsule and lets you relive British astronaut Tim Peake’s 400km trek to space. You’ll also get to drive an iconic race track in a car.

The Otherworld, on the other hand, is a virtual reality hub that offers 16 immersive gaming experiences. You can also choose from a selection of island cuisine. It also offers a variety of other games including a zombie apocalypse in Arizona, fishing, and tedious jobs.

We offer other VR experiences in 14 individual immersion rooms. The augmented reality cocktail menu was created by British chef Jason Atherton. He worked with Dalmore Whisky to create a virtual video of a new cocktail. A 12-year-old Dalmore whisky is used to make the cocktail. The drink is on the menu for two weeks.

We look to bring these surreal experiences across the UK. Otherworld will open its doors on April 15 and is available seven days a week. It’s located near Haggerston station. It’s a 10-minute bus ride from Old Street.

virtual reality London


During Virtual Reality Weekend in 2015, the British Museum introduced visitors to its virtual reality technology. Visitors were given the opportunity to explore the Museum’s collection in an interactive way. They could view objects from the Bronze Age, the 19th century, and even the Harry Potter series. The British Museum used Samsung Gear VR headsets to present the exhibition.

While the British Museum’s VR experience did not teach visitors anything about art history or museum history, the technology did manage to demonstrate one of the museum’s most important messages. It allowed visitors to view the museum’s most valuable collection in a new and innovative way.

The British Museum was not the first to experiment with virtual reality. The Natural History Museum has also started to use the technology and aims to develop a permanent VR collection.

The British Museum used a Samsung Gear VR headset for its trial run. While it may be the largest museum to use the technology, not all museums have the resources to develop the necessary content.

The Museum has also used other virtual reality technologies to bring objects to life. The museum’s microplastics project has produced 3D scans of objects in its collection. Some of these are preserved in the V&A Museum in London, and others were loaned to Corning for a physical exhibition.

The Museum’s new VR exhibition is designed to show visitors how VR technology can be used to create an exciting new type of museum experience. The museum will display a selection of its greatest treasures that are still in the museum’s care.

The British Museum will also offer a more immersive experience for younger children. They will be invited to interact with 3D scans of museum objects, including a virtual roundhouse for the Bronze Age. The experience will feature dynamic lighting that will accompany the visitor’s journey from the real world to the virtual world.

The British Museum is one of many museums in London to test out virtual reality technology. This weekend-long experiment is designed to help the museum learn more about how it can use technology to enhance visitors’ experiences. It’s an experiment that has been funded by a recently announced knowledge exchange project.

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