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What are the Advantages of E-scooters for Commuters?

  • More profitable in the long run
  • No more waiting in cars or public transport
  • Electric scooters are portable
  • Electric scooters are a greener alternative

Nowadays it is very common to see people in the Philippines using electric scooters to commute to work, school or work. Since electric scooters only need to be charged, it’s clear that e-scooters are a sustainable solution for urban transportation as they take off across the country. Electric scooters can also cut through traffic easily and are compact. There are many benefits of owning a commuter Electric Scooter. But if you’re still about to buy one, here are the benefits of electric scooters to help you switch off your ride.

More Profitable in the Long Run;

Electric scooters are a more convenient option for commuters and potentially more beneficial for people looking to save more money in the long run.

There are many models of electric scooters on the market and each of them varies greatly in price. Of course, there are affordable electric scooters that don’t care about quality. Here in the Philippines, you can get a quality electric scooter like the Isinwheel Scooter X1 for less than 20,000 pesos.

It can be argued that electric scooters require a higher initial investment than public transport. However, considering the costs associated with commuting by public transport, the purchase of an electric scooter is more worthwhile in the long term.

You can take public transport, bus, train, taxi or private transport to work. In the Philippines, a one-way ticket for buses costs between 20 and 70 pesos, trains between 15 and 30 pesos and taxis/collective transport between 250 and 600 pesos. Despite the higher initial investment for electric scooters, charging an electric scooter is very cheap (about 1.54 pesos per charge). The average lifespan of an electric scooter is 3 years. In addition, high-quality electric scooters require very little maintenance. You will rarely bother with maintenance. This means that with an electric scooter you can reduce your travel costs for almost 3 years!

Gas powered vehicles are one of the best alternatives to public transport and electric scooters. Gasoline vehicles always have significant upfront costs, however. The average car price in the Philippines is around 1-2 million pesos. You can save a lot of money when you buy an electric scooter for commuting!

Other expenses you can avoid by owning an electric scooter are fuel costs and parking fees. Overall, electric scooters are an inexpensive means of transportation, especially for those who commute to school, work, or work.

No more waiting in cars or public transport;

Tired of getting stuck in traffic every day on your way to work or college? Tired of walking from the bus or train station and wish there was a faster way? Tired of waiting for public transport to start your day? Well, buying an electric scooter is the best solution to any of these problems.

With an electric scooter you don’t have to wait in the car. If you have to cross a congested city, use the bike path or cut yourself off from other traffic.

An electric scooter also easily solves the problem of the first and last mile. If you own an e-scooter, you no longer have to wait for buses or trains. Just ride your e-scooter and go to your destination from the comfort of your home!

With more and more electric scooter models on the market and improved technology, it is easy to buy an electric scooter with higher top speeds. If you are looking for a fast electric scooter in the Philippines to get you to your destination, the Isinwheel with its top speed of 30 km/h could be your best choice.

Overall, riding an electric scooter can help reduce your commute time and make it more convenient.

Electric scooters are portable;

Modern electric scooters are ultra-portable. They can be easily folded and then transported or stored. If you drive far, you can easily transport an electric scooter to the bus or train. While you are at work or school, you can also easily store your e-scooter under your desk. As an added benefit, there are also no parking fees for commuting to work when purchasing an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are a Greener Option;

Global concerns about greenhouse gas emissions have continued to drive the adoption of electric scooters today.

There are various transport options for commuters. However, experts agree that electric scooters are the best eco-friendly choice. Why? Since electric scooters do not run on fuel, they do not produce any harmful gases. This, in turn, helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Also, Electric Scooters Adults are usually made from recyclable materials. Take the Isinwheel electric scooters for example. Each model is made from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight but durable and recyclable. An advantageous property of aluminum is that it can be repeatedly melted without compromising its durability. As a result, aluminum electric scooters reduce CO2 emissions and the formation of discharges.

Electric scooters play a crucial role in creating more sustainable, zero-carbon cities.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the top benefits of electric scooters for commuters. Electric scooters are also very easy to ride, environmentally friendly, and can add more scenery to your daily commute. Ready for change? Simply Moving site is where you can find the best Isinwheel brand electric scooters in the Philippines. Click here to check where to buy our electric scooters or contact us for other enquiries.

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