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How Takeaway is a Crucial Feature of HiMenus Restaurant Software.

As customers line up for a quick and delicious lunch or breakfast, the pressure mounts for you and your staff to perform at their best. Now is not the time to find mistakes, miscommunications, or missing key elements. Before your customers line up, you need to be ready for success. The lunch rush is not the time to discover and fix production problems. Restaurant Takeaway management need the right type of the POS system.

Optimizing operations is especially important for Takeaway. With so little time to even catch your breath with your customers, you don’t have time to place delivery orders, monitor inventory, and see how your staff are performing while still being a great host. This requires juggling multiple processes at once.

Now, we will see below some of the important points to note for takeaway feature.

Increase sales:

Restaurants can now handle large volumes of online and takeout orders because of the feature of takeaway management. It also helps improve restaurant operations and improves the overall business health of restaurants, increasing the average check size.

Improve operational efficiency:

While it can sometimes appear as a chaotic activity that disrupts restaurant operations and customer service, technology has transformed the online ordering marketplace into a more efficient, often automated, method.

“When people think of delivery, they think of a man on a scooter, but our work relies heavily on technology. We don’t need phone calls or text messages. When a customer places an order on their mobile phone, it appears in the restaurant’s software system and is accepted by the customer. When the food is ready, press a button to send a message to the backend system to automatically assign a driver. This message is sent through the driver’s phone application.

How Takeaway is a Crucial Feature of HiMenus Restaurant Software.

Better staff management and increased productivity with staffing features and takeaway features integrated, is one of the best things about restaurant software.  Suppose also that if you’re based in Scotland and offer Indian takeout, you’re serving a fair percentage of takeout in each region. 25% of the takeout percentage preferred the specified dish.

Productive and efficient operations are essential for restaurants to serve such a market. It serves as the main support for keeping these numbers in business.

Better customer care:

By getting the data you need from your customers, you can create better customer service that is targeted and tailored to their preferences. This increases customer retention and loyalty because it gives them a sense of appreciation for their patronage of your business.

Streamline order process and deliver actions:

The expanding delivery market and delivery platforms are giving restaurants the opportunity to tap into a sector only available to large chains with delivery vehicles. The mobile app acts as a virtual storefront, allowing customers to Place an order, see what’s in process, and be able to track its location when it’s ready for delivery. This feature of the mobile app takes customer loyalty to a higher level. Himenus focuses on utmost satisfaction of customer through the restaurant’s most sort of out takeaway feature.

Reduces Restaurant’s waste:

Any owner in the food and beverage industry, hate waste with passion. However, discarded food, unused and expired ingredients, and outdated menu items are just the tip of the iceberg. Internal processes, such as payroll, seating, payment processing, and your accounting processes, are all full of places where waste can affect you in a negative way.

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Introducing any POS and takeaway feature into your business must provide with a small, yet critical set of functionalities that will help you to eliminate revenue leakage while optimizing the inner workings of your business. 

Frequent repeat of customers:

Offering takeout could be a way for restaurants to increase the frequency of repeat business, especially as most diners choose this option more often now after pandemic situation, choose to eat out. comes about once every 150 days.

Also, if the same restaurant also offers takeout, the frequency will be higher, with the same customer coming in once in 19 days. Therefore, this is highly appealing.


Online delivery management system that just started as an add on option have now boomed from past couple of years especially after pandemic. As eating out still gaining momentum this will now be very crucial feature for your restaurant online platform. With Himenus providing all services, takeaway feature is tied up with restaurant delivery management software, allowing restaurant to target takeaway without having to worry about managing and everything else.

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