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Home is where the family is and where the family is there is a lot of stuff to store and handle. Every household has some stories to add to the storage struggles that they have to go through in their daily life. The number of times a house is cleaned and organised but always turns upside down in a few days. It is always better to have designated places for all the items in the house and the kids should also be communicated about the same but still, there is one place that becomes terrible and cluttered with each passing day and that is the garage. All the stuff which cannot find a place in the house directly lands in the garage.

A garage is a place designated for parking vehicles however it turns out to be a storage place for the family. The over usage of this place has turned it into a dumping ground for all the stuff which is currently not being used inside the house. The toys which are broken or the electronics which are not working and even the furniture that cannot be placed in the house go to a garage. This leads to the trouble of parking the car which is its actual usage and there is hardly any space left to park the vehicle of the family.

The Movers Waterloo have some interesting and useful tips for you to declutter the garage space. Decluttering is something which needs to be done on a regular basis. It is not a once in a lifetime event, rather it is the most repeated one. Every space needs decluttering whether it is actual storage space or your mind space. Both the spaces bring clarity and vision in life on how to move ahead.

Plan it together

It is always advisable to discuss with your partner before closing the deal on your own. Few items that may seem useless to you may be of great importance and sentimental value to your partner and throwing without discussing or informing can lead to a lot of arguments and disagreements which obviously can be avoided. It is better to go through all the articles that are stored in the garage and make a list and then strike out the ones which you both agree can be disposed of. This will eventually solve the purpose of decluttering on the agreed terms of both the partners.

Getting rid

You are pretty much aware of the situation in your garage. It is filled with all the junk which you don’t use anymore and the best solution is to get rid of it. Few ways that are very helpful in getting rid of all the hoarded junk over time i.e.

List it online

There must be a few items in your garage that can fetch you some money through their sale on the web. Online gives you a wider market for selling goods. The perambulator of your kid which holds good enough space in your garage can be sold for a nice amount,

Have a garage sale

A garage sale can invite neighbourhood people, friends, and relatives over to choose from all the stuff that is kept in the garage. Some items may turn out to be useful for others who cannot afford new items but having a second hand will solve their purpose.


It is a very good idea to donate to homeless people or any orphanage. This might bring smiles to many faces.

Throw away

The items which don’t fall in any of the above-mentioned categories goes under the throwing away category. This is a complete waste for you as well as others.

Fit in a rack or shelf

A wall-mounted rack can create a lot of space on the floor of your garage. The racks can be used to put those boxes on them after sorting and labelling them to save time and energy later. You don’t have to go overboard with the expense of fitting one; you can always choose the cheaper option and make it work for you.

Use bins and boxes

All the spare bins and boxes can be used to organise the stuff which is lying scattered all over your garage. The boxes or containers can be labelled for ease of use otherwise you will have to open each box to figure out what is inside. Movers always suggest using this technique while packing and storing stuff.

Organise like a departmental store

Garage space can be divided into different zones just like a departmental store. The different items can be categorised into various sections like tools, books, groceries, cutleries, and toys. Even the kids can find things like this easily so they will not bother you again and again for any stuff.

Look for a storage unit

You can always get in touch with removalists to get a free quote about renting a storage unit. Sometimes a big family has so much stuff to keep that putting all those things even in an organised manner will not solve the issue hence, it is better to rent a storage space to put all the belongings.

Sports equipment

Frisbees, rackets, bats, and hockey sticks all can be a real mess if not put together properly and the best trick to store them is a big garbage bin. The garbage bin is cheap and the size is big enough to store all those sticks and bats safely for usage.

Be very clear about your demands while finalising a storage unit with the movers otherwise you will end up wasting money and the purpose will also not be solved. The removalists’ experience should be used to the maximum. The organised home brings happiness but also sanity to mind. The whole process can be tiresome, exhausting, and overwhelming so it is always a good option to bring in some help from Movers Kitchener and get a free quote. The mess could have been gathered for years for some weeks but don’t overdo that it takes a toll on your health.

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