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If you enjoy playing board games, you’ve definitely played your fair share of Ludo. The Indian version of Ludo, also known as Pachisi, has been popular with individuals of all ages in India for years. While it’s true that the vast majority of users know how to play ludo games online, those with a head for strategy stand a better chance of coming out on top.

With ludo’s recent surge in popularity, we can play against complete strangers whenever and wherever we wish. Downloads of the board game Ludo have increased by 55% during the past two years. Repeatedly playing the same board game with the same people allows you to learn each other’s playing styles and devise a plan to win. .

When competing against other players online, though, you’re likely to run into a new set of adversaries every time. It’s difficult to design a plan of action when you have limited information about your opponent to work with. At that stage in Ludo, you can begin with implementing these methods and tactics in an effort to win every game.

Techniques for Becoming a Ludo Pro

To assist you in winning your next game of Ludo, the following are some of the most helpful methods and approaches that have been developed over the years:

Spread out the coins

The first step toward Ludo’s victory is swiftly removing your coins from the starting area. If you just bet one or two coins on each roll of the die, you are taking a significant risk, and your competitor may easily eliminate you from the game if you do so. 

When the numbers on the dice are low and you can’t use it to shield a vital coin from your opponent, opening all coins provides you more maneuverability. As a result, speed in spending should be a high priority.

Organize coins in a grid

Spreading your coins over the ludo board is a good tactic. You can move your coin juggling wherever you choose when no one is looking. If you’re being chased by multiple enemies and you’re holding two coins in the same place, the slightest movement could be enough to eliminate one of them. To prevent your enemies from winning, you can also prevent them from returning to their base.

Take on a combative stance

Fun at ludo requires attacking other players and risking your own money. If you want to win every game of ludo, don’t be a nice guy and instead take charge. 

You should weigh the odds of succeeding and the costs of failing before attempting to steal an opponent’s coin. No matter the face value of the coin, you should focus your offensive efforts on the first and second quadrants.

If your coin is located in the third or fourth sector, you should engage your opponent rather than run away to a more secure distance in order to protect your coin. The “rule of 7” recommends maintaining a distance of seven feet or more from any potential danger. A 6-1 victory for your opponent is less likely thanks to this regulation.

Patience as a virtue

When playing ludo, practicing patience might be a crucial strategy. Avoid losing your coins by placing them in the star-shaped spaces on the board. It’s prudent to remain cautious and keep the coin inside the safe zone when the dice aren’t rolling in your favor, especially if the coins of your competitors are close by. Simply moving about in risky or potentially harmful areas will help you avoid them.

If you don’t want to start over and lose all your coins, you’ll need to be patient and think things over carefully before making any moves. Having more patience and the ability to solve problems more effectively have both been connected to frequent Ludo play.

Hinder your opponent

If your opponent isn’t paying close enough attention, you can use this strategy to sneak your currency into the house. You can be sure that the other team will be keeping a close eye on your coins if they get too close to their base. 

You should chase after your opponent’s pieces and try to trap them if they are attacking yours. Being at least seven moves ahead of your opponent at all times is a good strategy because of how unlikely it is that they will catch up to you.

Read the rules before starting

The rules of Ludo must be understood before any of the above strategies may be implemented. If you want to get the most out of your ludo study time, you should start by mastering the rules. 

You’ll get the hang of always keeping your tokens safe, knowing when to sneak up on your opponent, and taking calculated risks by advancing your token into the game’s final, fourth quadrant.

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