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Football Mystery Box

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Now, let’s suppose you got a vintage football shirt that you have fallen in love with; do you know how to keep it novel forever? If you want to extend the useful life of football shirts and clothing, you must always apply special care to keep it like the first day.

From Football Mystery Boxwe will explain how to wash your treasured vintage football shirt so that it always stays like the first day. 

So, if you want it to maintain its technical characteristics, such as softness, vivid colors, or breathability, follow the steps we will discuss below.

It is best to wash it after each use.

You can apply countless tips to the care and cleaning of the shirt. One of them is constantly washing after wearing it.

Although there are no traces of dirt and the garment appears clean, washing after use is always recommended. Even if you have not done anything intense, it is most likely that you have sweated, especially in the armpit area.

Tips for washing football clothing in the washing machine

The most recommended way to wash football clothing is by hand and with a neutral soap, but it is understandable that we always use the washing machine due to lack of time.

You can follow these tips to wash and get the best results:

  • Group all your shirts and keep them distinct from other types of fabrics.
  • Always use cold water programs, if possible, for a short duration.
  • Do not use detergents with optical brighteners. It is always best to use neutral ones.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Avoid mixing vintage football clothing with other clothing that has buttons or zippers.
  • Always wash clothes inside and out to avoid damaging prints or logos.
  • Dry it in a well-ventilated place without it being exposed to sunlight.

How to remove bad smells from football shirts?

  • One of the main recommendations so that our Football Mystery Box clothing misses a bad smell is never to store it if it is dirty. Due to the type of fabric, this type of garment ends up deteriorating for this reason.
  • Wash the garment before the sweat dries since if it dries, it is more common for it to end up taking on a bad smell.
  • Avoid using softeners because this type of product usually enhances the bad smell in this sportswear fabric.
  • Sodium bicarbonate is very effective in eliminating foul odors in technical garments. It can be used by adding a small amount of liquid detergent in the rinse cycle.
  • We can also use white vinegar. With this, we will submerge the garment for about 40 minutes in a bucket of cold water. We will use this before putting it in the washing machine.
  • We can also do the same method with salt. Adding a couple of tablespoons of salt in warm water, we will proceed to submerge the garment for about 40 minutes. In the end, we will wash the clothes in the machine as usual.

These are some small tricks that we can use to keep clothing from Football Mystery Box always in the best shape and thus eliminate odors that can cause us to discard the garment ahead of time.

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