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Having used several different EMR software solutions, I can confidently say that Elation EMR has some of the best features available. It has On-demand electronic patient chart access to other providers, virtual interfaces for emergency cases, and a variety of different pricing plans.

Pricing plans

Designed for primary care providers, Elation is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution that provides a clinical first approach to healthcare. It offers a fully-functional patient portal, billing and practice management tools, and advanced communication functionalities. Whether you’re looking to expand your client base or operate in a fee-for-service model, Elation can help you increase efficiency and drive sustainable growth.

The company serves more than 24,000 clinicians across the United States. Its solutions help primary care organizations deliver personalized care, reduce administrative burden, and remove barriers to care. Elation’s pricing plans include a basic EMR plan, a direct care plan, and an enterprise plan.

Elation EMR has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for medical professionals to perform their daily tasks. Its built-in tools help doctors schedule appointments, send prescriptions to pharmacies, and communicate with patients. It also offers a secure connection for patients.


Having an integrated system saves hundreds of hours of administrative effort. Dock Health and Elation are partnering to make this feat possible. The two companies are working together to deliver an integrated EHR platform that helps independent practices improve their efficiency and deliver better care to their patients.

Elation provides its own EHR platform and an API that allows customers to develop their own proprietary applications. Elation’s support team is there to assist partners during the interface build out process. Those interested in participating should expect to wait between one and two months.

Dock is a workflow management system that leverages Elation’s API. In the process, Dock captures institutional knowledge and automates time-consuming administrative processes. The system is HIPAA-compliant and its many ancillary benefits include a boost to user productivity. Dock has some of the most user-friendly features on the market. The system also boasts an impressive slew of features that can be used to map workflow automations and branching logic.

Virtual interfaces for emergency cases

Meditech EMR is no slouch when it comes to health technology. Whether your practice is small, medium or large, MEDITECH can help your practice enhance your patient care documentation and overall quality of care. MEDITECH is HIPAA compliant and has received Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. MEDITECH boasts a full line of EHR solutions for small practices and full-service hospitals and health systems. The EMR family of products is supported by a robust support network that keeps your practice up and running. MEDITECH can deliver the right combination of technology, people and processes to help your practice operate at its best. A MEDITECH EMR solution provides the peace of mind of knowing your practice will be supported with the latest technology, while keeping you on the cutting edge of the latest research and development.

On-demand electronic patient chart access to other providers

Whether you’re an independent primary care provider or a larger practice, Elation EMR offers solutions for your practice. The software helps you streamline your daily operations while improving your patient care.

The software is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface. You can create electronic intake forms, manage patient information, and create financial workflows. You can also schedule appointments online with the Elation patient portal. The EMR is HIPAA compliant.

Elation also offers appointment notifications and clinical reminders. The company’s customer service team is available to help you with your questions. Its three-panel console allows providers to view their patient’s complete medical history.

The Elation EHR is an ideal EHR for small to medium-sized independent primary care practices. It features an easy to use interface and different fonts and window colors.

One on one messaging

Whether you’re running a medical practice or a small business, Elation EMR can make your life easier. It offers a range of features including electronic medical records, EMR and document management, as well as practice management software. It also has an integrated patient portal and billing tools. It’s also HIPAA certified.

The Elation EMR also offers a telehealth solution and a virtual care workflow. The company also offers a free trial of their cloud based EMR. The software is also designed to streamline work processes and to smooth information transfer between patients and physicians.

The company also offers an Office Messaging API which allows users to make bi-directional updates to their office message threads. In addition, it allows users to sign off messages on a message by message basis.

Automated workflows

Elation bills itself as a platform for innovative primary care. It works with practices of all sizes, from enterprise-level health systems to independent community PCPs. In addition to mainstream providers, Elation also supports upstart primary care startups such as Cityblock, Crossover, and Firefly. Founded in 2008, Elation says its customers include more than 24,000 clinicians and 12.8 million patients.

Elation EHR is a cloud-based EHR solution for independent providers. This software integrates practice management, billing, and insurance into one seamless platform. It helps medical professionals to document and share patient medical history, schedule appointments, organize calendars, and manage practice finances. Automated workflows are among the best features of Elation’s EHR. Elation’s cloud-based system is ideal for independent primary care providers.

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