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Dengue is a mosquito bite viral disease. There is no such medical treatment for it. Even

antibiotics are not suggestible, a patient can only take pain killers. In this situation, he consults

home remedies to feel better. It is to be remember that these remedies aren’t the cure for it. These will help in treatment of it. One can get energy, natural immune boosters and increase in platelets etc.

Besides these, one should also consult their doctor as well, these are not magic spills that will

cure the disease in one night. Here we are sharing some remedies that you can follow at home

with simple and easily available ingredients.


Neem leaves are very helpful against the dengue virus. They prevent the growth of the

dengue virus. Fresh neem leaves are hot in water. Your body will may

recover soon by drinking this water. The juice of neem leaves are also use instead of

it. We can make the juice by putting neem leaves in the water and grinding it. Drain the

juice in the cup, now you can drink the juice by adding some honey in it.


Papaya leaves are very helpful for the treatment of dengue virus. The papaya leaves

are suggest to cure the fever in dengue virus. The platelet count, white blood cells

and neutrophils can be increas in a person by using papaya leaves. The bleeding can

be prevented by amplifiy platelets. The papaya juice is use to cure fever and to

restore the platelet count. You can make the juice by grinding leaves with water.

Strain the juice and drink it.

Bitter Melon:

Bitter melon is a vegetable also known as “Karela” contains health benefits for

dengue patients. It is very useful against dengue virus because it shows inhibitory

action against it. It helps in the prevention of the growth of viruses. Karela can be use

in food and we can also make juice from it. For preparation of this juice, peel the skin

then chop it and mix in water and grind it. Your juice is ready to drink.


Tulsi also known as holy basil, is an aromatic herb present in the tropical region of

Asia. It is a traditional medicine use for the treatment of dengue fever. The Tulsi

leaves are very helpful in dengue virus because of their inhibitory action against

dengue virus. You can also drink tulsi tea. For this purpose, Tulsi leaves are hot

with water. After some time, strain it and it is ready to drink.

Golden eye Grass:

Golden eye grass is a medicinal herb which is used to boost the immune system. It

is used in many diseases for immune boosting. It is also very effective in the dengue



Duhdhi is an Asthma weed. It is a medicinal herb with many benefits. This herb is

used for the treatment of dengue fever and is also used to increase the platelet count

in the person affected by dengue virus. Dudhi is used by boiling the paste of dudhi

leaves in water.

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is also very useful in the treatment of dengue virus. It is also

considered traditional medicine. It is a source of minerals and water for dengue

patients. Coconut water also helps the body to cool down and it also prevents bleeding.


Giloy is a herb which is helpful in the treatment of dengue virus. It is used to

improve the immune system and also helps to maintain the body’s metabolic rate. You

can drink it as a herbal tea by boiling the stem of giloy in water. You can also add

tulsi leaves to it.

Fenugreek Leaves:

Fenugreek leaves are used as a medicine for the dengue virus. It helps in lowering

fever and it also reduces pain. You can also make the juice of it by adding leaves to

the water and then grinding it. Your juice is ready.


Kalmegh is a medicinal herb also known as Andrographis paniculate and is very effective

against dengue. Its ability is tested in a lab and it shows antiviral activity against

the dengue virus. So, it may be used against the dengue virus. You can drink its juice son it can

affect the virus.


Guduchi is an important herb used as a remedy for many health problems. It is known

for its prevention of viral infections and diseases. It also boosts the

immune response of a person. It will help with the symptoms of dengue if you will

drink the Guduchi juice daily. This juice is made by grinding the chop Guduchi

with water. Strain it and your juice is ready.

Vegetable juices:

For treating the symptoms of dengue, vegetables especially green leafy vegetables i.e.

carrots, cucumbers etc. are very effective against this virus. These vegetables contain

essential vitamins and help to boost the immunity of patients. You can make their

juice by adding fresh leaves into water and then blending it. Strain the juice and it is ready to be consumed. 
To get professional help for Dengue patients, you can consult the best general physician to treat the patient immediately.

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