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Commercial Truck Repair

Commercial Lending USA provides the best truck repair information for Class 4-8 trucks from one location. The Commercial Lending USA truck repair loans guide will speed up repairs and increase the number of repairs that techs can perform. This will allow you to keep trucks moving through your bays. You can no longer flip through old commercial truck repair manuals, swap discs, or call a service number. It will be available to you instantly with updated and improved information.

1Search(tm), Plus

Our latest innovation, 1Search plus, improves your information search. It uses advanced search technology to scan the vast Commercial Lending USA database and return only the required information. This is a targeted search for the Class 4-8 truck you have in your bay, and it’s all streamlined in an intuitive graphical design.

1Search Plus is a user-friendly search engine that returns information in a unique layout similar to the ones you see on your smartphone. The card-based format provides targeted results for specific categories. This makes it easy to find the necessary information and cuts out all the noise.

NEW Driver Assist (ADAS). Quick Reference

Commercial Lending USA‘ truck repair software makes it easy to quickly find the information you need to repair, calibrate and diagnose trucks with ADAS — Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – features. Click on the Driver Assist button (ADAS Quick Link) to instantly access a table that consolidates all ADAS information in one place. The ADAS components and features are shown in detail. You can click on the information to access the repair or calibration information. You don’t need multiple searches to find the information you want.

Commercial Lending USA is the only one that has this unique dashboard view. It shows a complete overview of all related components. This includes whether ADAS features need calibration, special tools such as targets, or a scan tool. Having all details in one place can help save time and provide a complete picture of all ADAS features on the vehicle.

Unlike cars and light trucks that can identify the manufacturer of ADAS components for a vehicle, Class 4-8 trucks cannot. Commercial Lending USA will provide this information with the component name if it is available. The software also considers the location of the components on the vehicle (left-right, forward, left, outside, etc.). This software assists technicians and improves efficiency. The coverage spans from 2003 through 2021. For more information, see the blog post-Commercial Lending USA introduces ADAS QuickLink

Interactive Wiring Diagrams

Commercial Lending USA‘ powerful wiring diagrams feature interactive features that use intelligent navigation to direct you to the correct diagram for the component that you are looking for. Traces are automatically highlighted! You can get into the diagnostic fast lane! Wiring diagrams are now much simpler and easier to use.

For generations, truck repair professionals have loved Commercial lending USA -wireless diagrams. You will love our interactive wiring schematics even more! You can enjoy the full range of interactive features:

  • The diagrams’ component names are active links directly to the complete information.
  • Commercial Lending USA will take you to the wiring diagram that matches your search term after you have performed a 1Search. We’ll take you to the most relevant page, even if multiple pages are in the diagram. For all wires for that component, you open the diagram.
  • You can toggle the highlighting of any component’s associated wires without clicking each separately.
  • This simplified view of complicated diagrams includes highlighting. It extends across all pages until the wire reaches the termination point.
  • Zoom orientation can be maintained on multiple pages to simplify navigation.
  • Hidden wires can appear faded when you dive deep into a wiring diagram. However, they only disappear partially. Allows for detail and preserves the overall view.


All makes coverage starting in 1990, all in one place, one login. Save by looking up information that repairs more medium or heavy trucks in your shop.


Commercial Lending USA can help you eliminate the guesswork from your next truck repair job. You get full-color digital photos of all components, connector views, and locations. Gives you the best industry insights before picking up your wrench.


Finding the torque specifications required for your job can take time and effort. Commercial Lending USA eliminates the need to search for torque specifications individually.

Friendly interface

Are you tired of learning the specific information approach of each OEM? Commercial Lending USA will provide all the best-in-class information for repair in a consistent and easy-to-use format.

Automatic Updates

Every 30 days, new content is automatic. Allows you to rest easy knowing you have the most current repair information available without manually installing updated data via disks.

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