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Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

In honor of the European Week for Waste Reduction, we want to learn with you how to conserve resources and cut waste by adhering to the 3Rs principle: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

The 2015 edition of the European Week for Trash Reduction seeks to highlight all those initiatives and positive examples of rubbish. reduction in order to spread awareness of the excessive quantity of waste we create daily.

Invest in environmentally responsible options.

The wastefulness of gift wrapping has begun to be recognized by environmentally conscious corporations, and some small enterprises have developed an especially simple remedy.

Gift bags created by hand are available on Etsy in a wide range of styles, dimensions, and hues. We also give the bags an eco-friendly thumbs up because they are frequently produced from recycled materials or environmentally friendly cotton.

the goal of zero waste

Don’t throw away any remaining Christmas wrapping paper rolls if there is only a little portion left.

Place your scraps in layers instead, either by producing a half-and-half look or by looping one little portion on top of another.

This little approach quickly improves your wrapping skills

After all the gifts are under the tree, using Kraft wrapping paper like this 100% recycled option from Not On The High street will assist to guarantee that there is little to no waste.

begin gathering used gift bags

Give your goods to their new owner in a recycled gift bag instead of wrapping them at all.

This keeps the sense of surprise and results in fewer ripped-up pieces of Christmas wrapping paper rolls that are probably never going to be utilized again. 

The nice thing is that your gift bag will (hopefully) remain undamaged during the present-opening ceremony, allowing you to reuse it often.

The RSPB sells charming recycled gift bags with woodland themes; the money from these sales supports the protection of birds and other wildlife in the UK.

Even further, you might want to make them yourself!

Replace drawn-on ribbons with actual ones.

There is a method to embellish your presents in a more environmentally friendly manner if you are concerned that all the ribbons and gift tags you plan to thoughtfully purchase and use to Christmas wrapping paper rolls for your Christmas gifts will most likely be tossed in the trash once they are unwrapped.

The paper tape may be recycled. It is frequently produced from FSC paper and glue with a natural rubber base, making it both compostable and recyclable in your house. This mistletoe print by Cadeaux Paperwork is gorgeous.

gather decorations

Natural trims taken from the environment not only look stunning but are also simple to get. The simplest way to decorate a genuine Christmas tree is to cut a few little pieces from a variety of unassuming branches spruce, pine, and fir cuts look best when coupled with plain brown paper and natural string.

If you don’t have a real tree, you may still use foraged trimmings from your yard or a nearby park, such as holly leaves, pine cones, winterberries, sprigs from attractive shrubs, or even dried leaves.

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Use sustainable resources.

Instead of buying paper gift bags, think about switching to cloth ones if you truly want to reduce your waste.

If you enjoy sewing, drawstring pouches are simple to create and may be used again by the recipient of your present as a gift bag or for storage and travel.

You may also attempt Furoshiki, a Japanese gift-wrapping custom that uses reusable fabric cloths; simply add a message with the gift that explains how to utilize the cloths.

If you decide to use paper for wrapping, give priority to recycled and recyclable materials.

Instead of gift wrap, use old newspapers.

If you’re the type of individual who already has a newspaper delivered every day or even just once a week, you could save a handful and use them to wrap gifts instead.

You don’t need to make a last-minute run to the store to battle the Christmas crowds in addition, since the monochromatic design looks brilliant next to red ribbon or gold twine.

Wrapping with Brown Kraft paper

Kraft paper that is biodegradable and recyclable is your best friend when it comes to wrapping gifts in an eco-friendly way. If you can’t find Kraft paper, cut up a brown paper bag and wrap your gift in it. As the paper is plain and neutral, you can go crazy with the décor and personalize it any way you want. Add handmade tags, flowers, leaves, or use stamps. Clip on a message or gift tag with a cute wooden paper clip instead of using tape or glue.

Use the Furoshiki Method

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used wrap gifts or storing things. Any square fabric works for this method. You can use a scarf, leftover fabric from a project or use an old bedsheet to make multiple wrapping cloths.


There are beautiful eco-friendly Christmas wrapping paper rolls that are still environmentally beneficial if you just can’t imagine Christmas without conventional wrapping paper.

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