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game translation and localization

Localization is everywhere and it must be a part of everything if your products or services want to go global, isn’t it? It is the road to success because your customers can only enjoy your entertainment product, be it a game or any digital product if theycan understand them in their way. You can never read a book if you can’t understand the words. You can never watch a movie if you can’t understand the dialogue. Similarly, you can’t play a game if it’s not understandable to you. Therefore, launching a game in international markets is not enough. You must do game translation and localization of the game to get it adopted by your target market.

Game translation and localization

is the process where the game gets adapted to the language and culture of the specific geographical location, for example, your target market, which can be any specific region or country. Although it is a very complex process, it has a lot of benefits to offer to you as a game developer. Game localization can help you reach new markets and customers, and increase your game downloads. Do you want to know how? Let’s read.

How does it work?

Game translation and localization include several steps to make your game localized to a specific market so that it is more reached by customers and gets downloaded at a large scale. These steps include –

  • Internationalization – Before localization, the gaming products must be designed in a way that can be expanded to foreign markets, without any hassle, and that’s called internationalization.
  • Game Translation – In this step, all the texts in the game are translated into a specific language. These texts include ads, interface messages, websites, online assistance, etc.
  • Graphics localization – After the texts are adapted to the target market, graphic content needs to be localized. Images, symbols, colors, date formats, e are adapted to the target audience.
  • Dubbing – Voice-over is done in this step to dub your game and make it easier for the gamers to easily understand the languages.
  • Testing – Once all the above processes are done, the game is tested thoroughly as per the target audience. After the confirmation of the smooth run of the game, it can be launched for the customers to experience.

Want to Increase Game Download Internationally? It’s Simple!

Game translation and localization let you increase your international game downloads because it makes the way clear for your users to better understand the game and adapt it in their way. Once the users feel easy to connect with your game, the download number of your game will boost rapidly.

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Summary – Do you know that you can increase your game downloads easily and efficiently with Game translation and localization? It has a lot of benefits. Know more. 

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