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Android is the most popular and widely used platform for mobile gaming. Android offers a variety of features and more scope for innovation than other mobile platforms. Therefore, this platform is highly preferred by gamers. 

And with the recent technological advancement, Android gaming is gaining more popularity among gamers. According to Statista, there were 12.1 Billion downloads for gaming apps on Google Play Store. 

And due to this rise, businesses are increasingly investing in Android app development services for building feature-rich gaming apps for Android users. So the question arises why are android apps gaining more popularity among gamers?

Today, in this post, we will discuss it and try to know the facts behind this. 

But before we begin, let us understand the basics.

What Are Android Gaming Apps?

Android gaming apps are mobile applications meant for gaming purposes. These apps are deployed on multiple devices that work on the Android operating system. Android gaming is the most popular app category on the Google Play Store. It has the highest app downloads and has acquired the largest mobile app market share. 

What Resources Are Required To Build Android Apps For Gaming?

Creating Android apps for gaming involves several technologies, tools, and frameworks. Primarily, this process is called Android game development, which solely focuses on creating game apps for Android smartphones and devices. 

For building Android gaming apps, developers mainly use an Android game development kit (AGDK) and gaming engine platforms to create graphics and other elements. This is Android’s dedicated SDK and tech stack for developing Android apps for gaming purposes. This kit contains a complete range of tools and libraries that allow developers to create, optimize, launch, and iterate to make a full-fledged Android gaming application. 

It provides new and existing libraries, tools, and functionality which helps in creating all the required features and functionalities for gaming. Developers mainly use this SDK and other tools like Unity to create an Android app in native code with Java programming language. 

Current Statistics Of Android Gaming Apps

Here are the recent data and statistics that show how the demand and usage of Android apps for gaming are increasing significantly (Source: Statista)

  • Out of the total number of Android users, 78% are gamers.
  • In the second quarter of 2022, there were 478 apps available in the Google Play Store, which displays an increment of 6.34% compared to the previous quarter.
  • As per a market report, there is a rapid jump in the number of female gamers across the entire globe.
  • There were 12.1 Billion downloads in the gaming app category on Google Play Store in 2022


Why Businesses Prefer Android Game Development

As Android gets more advanced, it becomes more attractive and engaging for gamers and mobile users. Android provides numerous exciting features and benefits for both users and business owners. Hence, it has become a lucrative and promising platform for gaming. So let’s look at the reasons businesses prefer Android game development below. 

Common Programming Language

Android app development uses Java as its core programming language, the most common and widely used programming language among the developer community. Java is an old programming language, so even beginner-level developers can start with basic Android game development. Businesses can easily hire android app developers for their game app projects which won’t cost them too much. 

Easy Development 

Developing Android apps is quite an easy and smooth process. Android provides dedicated resources for Android game development, like Android Studio and Android Game Development Kit (AGDK). Android developers can use different tools to create compelling features for gaming. It uses Java programming language, which is easy to implement. As a result, it helps developers create the app much faster. 

Wider Scope For Integration

Android app development provides a wider scope for API and third-party integrations. Developers can integrate any required APIs and additional functionalities to make the game app more exciting and creative for users. In addition to this, Android provides good support for cross-platform development. Developers can use cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Ionic and build apps for all OS platforms using the same code. 


Android is a dynamic and open-source platform. It offers better opportunities and scope for innovation. It has the highest number of devices and the potential to utilize emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, NFT, and more to build advanced or complex gaming features. Android brings updates and improvements more frequently than iOS and other OS platforms. Hence, building apps for this platform assures future reliability.


Android has always been a top choice for mobile gaming for users. They prefer this platform because it provides easier and more engaging gaming features and experiences than other platforms. And with the recent advancement and growth in Android app development, gaming apps are getting more empowered with unique features.

If you want to build an Android gaming app, it is better to consult the top Android app development company because they have proven expertise and technology resources to build a highly- engaging gaming app for Android devices.

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