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Joining college after high school is the obvious path for every student. Most of them follow the same flow and start preparing for college admissions after completing school. Even those studying in an Indian school in Dubai start looking for college options in both countries for further education. But the question that arises here is, is it the only option you can get? 

There can be multiple reasons why students wouldn’t want to go to college immediately after school. For example, they may want some time to recover from the Dubai Indian school fees and collect enough funds for college, or they may need a break before starting another phase of the educational journey. Whatever the reason be, it is vital to know the other options you can go with if college is not on your priority list. 

9 things to do besides college after high school

Enrol On a Fellowship

If you are interested in some research work or have an idea you want to dedicate time to, it is the best time for it. Instead of joining a college, look for a guide and enrol in a fellowship program. Then, work on your idea, and if you become successful, you may not even need college.

Charity Work

If you feel for a cause, you can turn into a volunteer and do charity work associated with that cause. Carry out thorough research, and explore the organizations that work religiously towards the cause. Then, be their active member and dedicate your life to helping others.


Students who have a passion for business and entrepreneurship often skip college to pursue their dreams. However, it is a vital decision only if you have excellent business sense and have done thorough research to ensure success. Otherwise, it can turn into a poor decision that will put you in a mess.

Work on your skills

Another thing you can do is work on your skills. Moreover, if you feel right, turn them into a profession. Dedicate your future to a sport of your choice or learn acting, singing, or anything else you incline towards. 

Save Money

If money is the reason you need some break from studies, focus primarily on saving funds for college. First, try getting a part-time job for which you are eligible and the one that can help you make enough money for college. Then, when you have enough funds, you can join the college you want.

Job or Internship

If you are eager to start your professional journey, look for an internship for yourself. Try joining the companies that have a provision of offering a full-time position to the best performing interns. This way, you can give a fruitful start to your professional career right after school. 


If you have time and funds, there is no better time than this to travel the world! It will give you a perspective on life, and you can also decide the kind of life you want to live. If you like a city enough to continue living there, you can start your college there. Once your college is complete, you can continue living there by applying for a job.

Serve the Army

Another option that many youngsters opt for is serving in the army. Take your time to research different military units and how you can join them. Counsel yourself to make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared to take this challenging job.

Vocational Training

If you are somewhere between wanting to start a new business and sharpening your skills, it is better to go for vocational training. First, choose the skill you want to learn. It can be as simple as cake baking or crafting, and dedicate your time and effort to it. Next, gain proficiency in a skill, and once you know the nerve of it, you can turn it into a profession.

There are multiple options besides college after school, with which you can do something productive in your life. If you are in a dilemma, discuss the concerns with your parents or teachers, and they can help you make a wise decision. Then, choose your path based on your interests and goals, and follow it religiously to do well after high school.

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