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The introduction of a paper should always include a thesis statement. In most cases, it will be in the paper’s first couple of paragraphs to introduce the body paragraphs, which provide evidence to back up your thesis statement.

An argument should be clearly stated in your Thesis Writing (Scrittura di tesi). You want to have an explanation that isn’t simply straightforward, but one that is easy to refute. This means you can’t simply put any proclamation of reality and have it be your proposal. For instance, everyone is aware of how adorable puppies are. “Everyone knows that puppies are adorable” is an ineffective thesis statement. This is not really a subject that can be debated.

Examples of thesis statements:

Please be aware that these thesis assertions have not been thoroughly investigated. These are merely examples to demonstrate what a thesis statement might look like and how you can incorporate your own thoughts into a thesis statement that you come up with on your own. As a result, this thesis writing should not be used in your own research paper. They should only be used as examples.

Vaccinations: We must mandate the vaccination of all healthy and able children in order to achieve herd immunity because many children are unable to vaccinate due to illness.

Educational Materials for Students with Low Incomes:

During the summer, low-income students should have access to educational resources so that they don’t forget what they’ve learned during the school year.

School Clothes:

Although the initial cost of school uniforms is high for families, the uniforms eliminate the visual disparities in income between students and foster a more egalitarian learning environment.


In response to increasing globalization, the decline in manufacturing jobs, and the Syrian refugee crisis, populism took off on the political stage in 2016.

Public Libraries:

Libraries are vital community assets that should receive more funding from local municipalities.

Online bullying:

Cyberbullying is on the rise as more and more teenagers use smartphones and social media. Numerous teens suffer from depression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideation as a result of cyberbullying. To combat this issue, parents should restrict their children’s use of smart phones, monitor their children’s online activities, and report any instances of cyberbullying to school administrators.

Work-Life Synergy:

In order to ensure that office workers have a better work-life balance and are more likely to be productive when they are in the office, businesses should offer more opportunities to work from home and six-hour workdays.

Teaching adolescents about sexual consent:

Parents need to teach their children the meaning of consent from a young age with age-appropriate lessons, even though sex education that includes a discussion of consensual sex would probably lead to less sexual assault.

Whether or not to go to university:

A “gap year” or trade school may be beneficial for some students, allowing them to focus on their career goals and the steps they can take to get there.

Abroad Education:

One of the most culturally enriching college experiences is studying abroad. It is the only way to fully immerse yourself in another language and gain an understanding of how other cultures and nations differ from your own.

Women’s Self-Esteem:

In the past five years, magazines have done a lot to include more diverse models, but we still have a long way to go in promoting a healthy body image for women as a culture.


Even though a vegan diet is a healthy and ethical way to eat, it shows privilege. If you travel around the world, this also restricts your access to other cultural food experiences.

Still no go? Do you require assistance with the thesis statement?

Check with your teacher or professor to make sure you’re on the right track. If you still have questions about how to write a thesis statement or what makes a good thesis statement. It’s always a good idea to check in and see if your thesis statement is making a strong case and if your research can back it up.

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