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Fall’s arrival makes me happier than almost anything else. Even though I departed from college almost a decade ago, I can’t wait for the return of my favorite pumpkin-flavored treats and all the school nostalgia.I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to bidding farewell to shorts and tank tops and welcoming all the new and classic fall fashion trends.

If autumn was a personality feature, I would include it on my list. Each year, I dedicate an entire day to transitioning my outfit. I drink a steaming hot PSL as I put up my warm-weather clothes and try on every sweater, cardigan, and pair of boots I own in preparation for the various ways I’ll wear them in the coming months.

After greeting my old friends this year, I will assess the gaps in my seasonal wardrobe and consider which fall fashion trends of 2022 I will want to add to my rotation. There were so many bold predictions on the runway this year, with designers showcasing unique knits and statement-making embellishments (especially sequins), maximalist patterns (think animal and in-your-face floral), and vivid hues (Barbie pink will still be in play).

 However, Fashion Week is not the only venue that inspires me to reevaluate my clothing. I frequent Pinterest and Instagram, and as a fashion writer, I also contact stylists for their advice.

Power Suits:

At this time last year, sweat suits were being dethroned by the three-piece suit, and Jordan Stolch, personal style advisor at MiKADO, is ecstatic about the rise of power suits.

“Power suits have reigned supreme for several seasons and will continue to do so,” says Stolch to InStyle. This is a nice relief for a huge fan of matching sets like myself. Consider structured shoulders, crisp lapels, vests, and belted waists for the emphasis on tailoring in power suits for Fall 2022. For many of my clients — women who struggled to make wide shoulders feel anything other than ’80s — the revised style is considerably less intimidating than its enormous predecessor.

Premium Leather:

Stolch is also enthused about the unexpected prominence of what she terms “luxurious, biker-girl leather.”

Stolch says that women are allowing themselves to be seen, heard, and felt in unprecedented ways.”This style is all about the incorporation of leather into various wardrobe categories, much beyond the moto jacket. Consider slacks, blazers, crop shirts, and dresses paired with fashionable hardware and boosted combat boots.”

Faux Fur, Baby:

Christina Stein, a personal stylist who is also a fan of the leather look, tells InStyle that she is looking forward to embracing a gentler approach to chilly weather with faux fur.

“Personal stylist Christina Stein, who also adores the leather style, is delighted to take a softer approach to cold weather with faux fur, she tells InStyle. “Bring about tension. Imagine CAMP, “According to an email sent by Stein, “You want the coat to be the focal point of the ensemble.

Heavy-Duty Leather Coats:

Nicole Russo, private stylist and CEO of Let’s Get You, wants you to know that plastic faux leather jackets only appear fashionable in photographs. She tells InStyle that thick hides in a variety of forms and patterns will be fashionable in the coming decade.

“I adore the Prada double-breasted black jacket with wide lapels, but any thrift store will have variations from decades ago that will layer you appropriately for autumn.Pair it with the spring mini you purchased, and you’ll be set for transitional dressing.” However, the Supreme hoodie is also worn in Fall to look great.

Statement Boots:

While over-the-knee boots are an indispensable fall staple, San Diego-based personal stylist and blogger Vanessa Valiente is looking forward to wearing statement-making boots — “think metallic, printed, and neon-colored pairs.”

Back to School, However for Adults:

You are not alone if you long for the days when you wore a uniform or desire to convey the school girl image through your adult attire. Back-to-school is always in the back of my mind in September, but the mood is the most popular autumn fashion trend of 2022, and Valiente approves.

The stylist suggests plaids, ties, peacoat, and collar shirts for this outfit. “Leaving the house and introducing oneself to the world is essential. I am ecstatic with these dress code sentiments. This is the antidote to the pandemic-induced ‘home’ aesthetic.”

Even More Retro, Recycled, and Vintage Looks Valiente is interested in even more retro, recycle, and vintage styles for the fall season of 2022.

She explains, “After a long break from the vintage trend, I am purchasing more secondhand pieces as oppose to new ones.” “It is environmentally conscientious and should not be label a ‘trend,’ but it’s as fresh as the dickens.”

Sheer Moments:

A public service announcement: sheer clothing is not limited to summer. In fact, according to wardrobe stylist Chellie Carlson, clients have become enamore with lightweight, see-through fabrics as autumn approaches.

“Translucent clothing is ideal for layering. A statement bra under a sheer blouse is seductive and sophisticated, and the ideal way to liven up a date night or girls’ night out “says Carson. During the colder months, sheer clothing allows you to expose a little skin while still remaining protected.”

Always Oversized Blazers:

Carlson tells InStyle that she shares the writer’s passion with blazer outfits, especially throughout the fall.

“A high-quality jacket is perfect for the equestrian and ‘clean female aesthetic’ fashion trends, but it’s also a timeless investment.” They instantly boost any outfit and flawlessly balance the physique, “Carlson explains.”For a balanced brunch ensemble, pair your blazer with a dress and sneakers!! I particularly appreciate how well they boost a graphic t-shirt and denim ensemble.”

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