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Quantity Takeoff

The number of materials to be purchased for a project can be determined by the quantity takeoff services provided by general contractors. It is important for general contractors to have access to these services in order to create realistic and accurate estimates that meet their needs. In the case of quantity takeoff when done manually, it can take a lot of time. Faster, more accurate estimates are provided by quantity takeoff services. As well as estimating the costs of a project, a quantity takeoff can also be helpful in planning the timeline of the project.”

A quantity takeoff service determines a project’s total materials need.

This process consists of deciding the quantities that are required for a project with the help of certain software. This type of service can save a general contractor time, and money, and increase profits and margins.

In order to account for all the materials they need to build anything on site, general contractors use quantity takeoff services before they begin any construction. If there are discrepancies between what was ordered and what was delivered, then delays in construction projects can occur as a result of these discrepancies, which can perhaps lead to legal problems down the road as well if the discrepancies cannot be resolved quickly.

Creating realistic and accurate estimates requires quantity takeoff services.

A quantity takeoff service enables general contractors to create accurate and realistic estimates.

By choosing a contractor who uses quantity takeoff, you can easily determine your budget. Especially if your lender will lend you money. Budget overruns can delay a project or make it bankrupt.

Quantity takeoff is important for estimating costs and planning timelines.

Construction Takeoff Services are important in order to estimate costs and also help to plan the timeline of a project. Several types of construction projects and tasks can use quantity takeoffs.

  • First, when you need to figure out how much material you need. For example, if you’re building an apartment complex and want to know how much cement will be needed for each unit, it’s easy enough just by looking at your site plans or blueprints and counting out how many square feet there are per unit (one hundred eighty-four square feet per unit). However, if you want some more precision than that—or if your job description requires specific quantities—you can use our software tools which allow users not only to see what kind of materials they need but also calculate exactly how much money those materials cost them.
  • The second type relates directly back to step one: estimating costs based on common sense observation rather than hard math equations alone might seem like cheating but trust me: It works.

Taking a quantity takeoff doesn’t just apply to estimating a project.

Quantity takeoff is important in several areas of the construction process; not just for estimating.

Quantity takeoffs tell you how much material you’ll need for a project and how long it’ll take. This allows you to plan your timeline with confidence that you have enough time and resources available for the job.

On a large project, quantity takeoff may take four hours.

The estimated time to complete quantity takeoff on a large project may be around four hours but could take up to six weeks to complete.

In order for the contractor to determine if it is worth doing the quantity takeoff or not, you should ask them how long it would take them manually and then compare that with how long it would take if they used your software.

Quantity takeoff services help general contractors save time and money.

By partnering with quantity takeoff services, general contractors can save themselves a significant amount of time and money.

  • Quotations are provided quickly by these companies. This allows you to get your job done faster without having to wait for manual estimates or face additional costs because the company has not yet been able to estimate the cost of your project properly.
  • In addition, quantity takeoff services provide more accurate estimates than manual methods because they use computer software and technology to calculate accurately much faster than humans could. 

Quantity Takeoff Services: What Are the Benefits?

A building estimate service can help you get accurate materials estimates and streamline your project. These services have the following benefits: 

1.   Estimate materials more quickly:

Using these services, you can get an accurate estimate of how much material you need. Instead of estimating the materials or relying on suppliers with inaccurate info, it will save you a lot of time.

2.   Getting better prices from suppliers:

You’ll be able to get better prices from suppliers since you’ll have more accurate estimates. Having a clear idea of what you need will make it easier for them to give you a great deal.

3.   You don’t want to run out of materials or overbuy:

Having an accurate estimate of the materials you need during a project can prevent overbuying or running out. Delays and extra costs can result. It’s easier to avoid these problems if you have an accurate quantity of takeoff.

What is the Best Way to Use Your Quantity Takeoff Service?

Find out how these services can help you streamline your building project. Take advantage of your quantity takeoff service by following these steps:

  • Defining your scope is key. Having a clear idea of your project scope is crucial before you use a quantity takeoff service. This will make sure you’re only paying for what you need. 
  • Make sure you talk to your provider. Make sure your quantity takeoff service provider knows exactly what you want. Your needs will be better understood and they’ll be able to give you a better price estimate.
  • Check out the estimate. Take some time to review your estimate once you get it from your quantity takeoff service. It’s okay if your quote doesn’t include everything. 
  • Let’s get started. You’re good to go once you get an estimate. You’ll get accurate pricing information from your quantity takeoff service provider so that you can stay within budget. 


Here at Nedes Estimating, Quantity takeoff services are an important tool for general contractors to use in their construction projects. They allow the general contractor to quickly estimate the total cost of materials required for a project while also helping them plan the timeline of a project.

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