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The General Approach to Pest Control - Ultimate Guide

Finding out that you have an infestation at your home can be very disturbing. These pests are not only creepy but also damage your health, furniture and clothing. One doesn’t have to suffer in silence when one finds out that pests invade their home. There are many pest control methods, and you can choose any one that suits your house the most.

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Pest control guide

The pest control methods can be grouped into six categories: Biological, Physical, chemical, Fogging and heat treatment. Every method can resolve pest infestations to varying degrees of effectiveness. However, these degrees depend on the scale of infestation. They also depend on the type of pests.

Hygienic methods of pest control

Maintaining a clean home is very important if you want to reduce the chances of a pest infestation. Pests want to seek out places where there is an abundant food source. Following are the tips that you need to check-

  • Clean all the surfaces after you are done eating.
  • Put all the food scraps, crumbs and peels in a sealed sandwich bag.
  • Wash all the dishes, utensils, glasses and pots when you have finished cooking.
  • Keep the tables, floors, and cupboards clean.
  • Store the food in containers with tight seals.
  • Keep your bathroom clean.
  • Check the internal as well as the external walls for holes and cracks.

Keeping your home clean will deter many pests. However, there will be some that are stubborn. This is when pest control methods come to play.

Biological pest control methods

The biological pest control methods can also be seen as a natural solution as they do not rely on pesticides or other chemicals. These measures also take advantage of the hierarchy within nature. 

Natural predators

This is the method that many people have used to control the pest population, and this method is still in use. It is the most common tactic used by most gardeners who seek to control the pest population without the rampant use of chemicals. 


Many people make use of beneficial microorganisms on plants. It is the natural pest control method. Using microorganisms for controlling pests is a preemptive method. When an organism is involved, it will proactively protect plants by deterring pests and destroying harmful bacteria and fungi.

What are the physical pest control methods?

The physical pest control methods tend to rely on killing, trapping and removal of insects and rodent pests. 

Elimination of breeding grounds

When you look for a place to invest, the pest prefers to hide in an area which provides food and a safe breeding ground. Both these factors will significantly increase your chances of removing pests from your house. The best way of getting rid of breeding rounds in your home is by keeping your home clean, dry and warm. Maintaining a clean home and cleaning dark and damp areas will limit the housing options for the pests in your home.

Along with insects and cockroaches, termites are the pests which cause havoc. Many people avail of the services of Termite Control Geelong, which is a professional pest control company.

Poison bait

Many people use poison bait as it is a popular and highly effective pest control method. There are many types of pest-specific poisons to choose from. The former is in the form of granules, and the second one is jelly. The poisoned bait is placed in the area, which shows signs of pest activity. It will be eaten directly or carried back to the nest. If you have children at home, you should ensure they cannot access any area where poison is used. Commercial position type can also lead to serious health issues if ingested.

Field burning

This one is a traditional pest control method, and it is used by farmers internationally. Fire is used to burn away the debris and the top layer of the soil to destroy the pest population. Fire kills beneficial insects along with pests and it could have a negative effect on the soil.

Trap cropping

It is a method of pest control which involves planting a decay crop to which the pest gets more attracted. The major goal of this method is to trap the pests in the decoy field for making extermination easier. Large-scale farmers have found this method to be inefficient as the pests make their way to the crop. Trap cropping is efficient if it is used in small households or as a means to keep the pest away from a garden. 


Using physical traps for controlling pests is the most recognizable pest control measure. These traps range in complexity and they are used for dealing with rodents and other small animals. The trap placement should be focused only on the areas in your house which show signs of pest activity. However, there is a downside to using traps. You have to check them regularly to remove any creature which has been caught.

What are the benefits of natural methods?

  • Natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • The insects cannot develop a resistance to predators.
  • Most natural products are often environmental friendly.

What are the disadvantages of natural methods?

  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to kill the pests.
  • The pest population might spread over a larger area.
  • The use of natural predators is a reactive measure, hence there is more time for the infestation to develop.

Chemical pest control methods

The most effective as well as the most widely used type of pest control method is the use of chemical pesticides. There are several types of pesticides available for tackling rodent and insect infestations. 


Insecticides are chemical products which are designed to kill the insects such as ants, cockroaches and flies. In the market, you mostly get the spray-based or the granule-based insecticide for killing insects.

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