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SPC Flooring Vs Laminate FlooringSPC Flooring Vs Laminate Flooring

The importance of home flooring can never be overlooked and therefore, the ideal choice of flooring option for your residential or commercial place is the demand for all interiors. Flooring not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the interior but also provides many practical benefits, as well.

If you’re stuck between the options of SPC and laminate flooring, then this piece of informative writing by Design Furniture will truly prove to be beneficial to help you have an ideal selection for interior decor upgradation purposes.

The Ultimate Comparison Between SPC & Laminate Flooring For An Ideal Choice

For the right flooring choice, many different parameters become the point of concern such as construction, pricing, installation, cleaning, maintenance, damage resistance, etc. In this article, we’re going to differentiate both flooring types on the basis of all these elements.

1. Material Construction

SPC flooring Dubai comprises 4 different layers in its construction namely backing, core, print/image, and topcoat layer. All these layers serve different functions such as core material imparting durability and resistance while the topcoat is layered for a smooth, shiny appearance. The core layer is made up of solid, high-dense Stone Plastic Composite material, and therefore, SPC flooring is a hard-wearing choice.

On the other hand, Laminate flooring also comprises the same 4 layers in its construction. However, the core layer, in this case, is made up of either medium-density or high-density wooden fiberboards. Therefore, laminate also proves to be equally durable as its competitor.

2. Floor Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there are many different factors involved like material quality, dimension, aesthetics, etc. However, when it comes to the average cost-effectiveness in comparison to both these options, you’ll find laminate to be slightly more expensive than SPC flooring.

That’s because the average cost all around the globe for the same quality SPC flooring is $2.5 per square foot while Laminate flooring costs around $3 per square foot. Anyhow, this price difference becomes unnoticeable when it comes to the coverage of large areas.

3. Efficiency Of Installation

Both these options provide you with the opportunity to opt for a DIY installation procedure. However, laminate flooring is more efficient and simple to deal with, in terms of a DIY installation because of the click-lock system of consecutive tiles.

Also, the sub-floor preparation for the installation of laminate floors is quite easy and quick while SPC requires you to perfectly level and smooth the subfloor prior to installation.

4. Moisture Resistance

Coming towards the aspect of protection against water damage, you’ll find SPC flooring to be an ideally promising choice. That’s because high-quality stone-plastic composite floors won’t allow the penetration of moisture into their structure and therefore, won’t be susceptible to water damage.

Meanwhile, Laminate flooring is prone to moisture damage because it comprises wooden fibers as its structural approach. Hence, laminate floors can swell or exhibit curled-up edged and are not recommended for installation in excessively moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.

5. Flooring Density

SPC floors have breadth in the range of 1.5mm to 5mm and also comprise a thick top wear layer while laminate floors are found to be 6mm or 12mm thick. Hence, laminate flooring has more thickness and can be ideally used for heavy-duty interiors.

6. Biodegradability

If you’re looking to make an ideal choice for commercial place installation like laboratories, manufacturing plants, etc, then laminate flooring being recyclable will be the ideal choice. Just the opposite, SPC is a synthetic option and therefore, is not biodegradable. Thus, the choice of SPC flooring will indirectly add to the environmental pollution.

7. Longevity

The lifespan aspect of any and every type of flooring depends on the quality of material construction, proper installation, damage resistance, care and maintenance, and many other similar factors. In general, SPC and laminate floors promise to stay serviceable for a longer period i.e somewhat around 10 to 15 years.

8. Termite Resistance

Laminate flooring being manufactured using wooden fiberboards is always at risk of damage due to white ant attacks. Conversely, SPC floors are not susceptible to any such damage.

9. Cleaning & Maintenance

For cleaning purposes, you’ll find both these flooring options offering convenience in the true sense. Because regular sweeping and damp mopping can help you maintain the surface shine. Anyhow, when the maintenance factor comes into the equation, you’ll have to be slightly careful about both types of floors and have to prevent damage due to moisture, stains, UV light, etc.

The Verdict

In the end, the choice of an ideal flooring primarily depends on your personal liking preference. Having listed all the major differences, we can conclude that laminate flooring will be an ideal choice for being highly durable, dense, biodegradable, and offering ease of installation. And, SPC floors should be chosen for their resistivity to heat, termite, and moisture damage. Of course a quality flooring purchase will always be beneficial and last longer, so it’s best to relate all the major requirements and purposes with the options and then settle for the most efficient one afterwards.

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