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Founded in September 2011, Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that offers functionality for an entire sales organization. Initially, they offered their platform for sales teams. However, they expanded the platform to offer functionality for the entire organization. Now, they offer a suite of tools that help users engage with prospects and customers.

Pricing models

Founded in 2011, SalesLoft is an online sales engagement platform. It provides tools to accelerate sales development performance and improve engagement with customers. It offers advanced post-sales account data and email messaging. It also tracks communication activities and helps teams communicate with buyers. It offers a drag-and-drop interface for creating campaigns and interacting with buyers. Moreover, SalesLoft provides real-time actionable insights to drive engagement and accelerate performance.

SalesLoft provides five products: Sales Email, crm monday Sync, Analytics, Mobile App Access, and Calendaring. Each plan includes a yearly subscription, plus an onboarding fee. Its pricing models vary depending on features and business needs. Its customer base includes medium-sized enterprises in the United States and Canada. In October 2014, SalesLoft had 660 clients.

SalesLoft’s pricing models are based on features and requirements. Its minimum users are three, while its largest customers are less than a dozen. Its annual fee is usually between $3000 and $600.

SalesLoft has a variety of features designed to make sales calls more productive and easier. They include call recording, auto-population of time zones, and voice drop. It also has an integrated sales dialer and a drag-and-drop interface. Users can also send targeted emails and schedule appointments. It also provides a comprehensive library of email templates.

SalesLoft also offers a deal forecasting tool. It helps companies measure the success of their ABM programs. The platform also allows users to create personalized outreach cadences based on customer buying patterns. Besides dealing forecasting, SalesLoft also offers a number of productivity metrics, which help managers determine strategies and tips.

Among the other features, SalesLoft offers call recording and real-time email tracking. Its platform also integrates with 163 marketing technologies.

Ease of use

Regardless of what software solution you choose, it’s important to understand how easy it is to use. You don’t want to waste your time using something that’s complicated to use. You also want to be sure you don’t waste your money on something that’s not fit for your business.

SalesLoft is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses improve their sales performance by providing real-time actionable insights. This includes features like email tracking, analytics, and reporting. These tools provide valuable insights into pipelines, prospects, and other activities. They also allow you to generate tasks and manage opportunities.

One of the features that’s unique to SalesLoft is its Conversation Intelligence. This feature allows you to analyze conversations, such as identifying keywords, competitor names, and more. You can then use this data to better target your messages and create cadences that work for your sales process. It also allows you to record calls using a built-in dialer and transcribe them for yourself.

You can also customize your emails and create workflows to automate tasks. You can also auto-populate your prospect’s time zones. This makes your sales calls and emails more efficient. You can also create customized groups of emails to send to specific groups of contacts.

The company also boasts a unique feature that allows you to monitor your prospects’ engagement during video calls. This is useful for sales teams who need to know how well their prospects are engaging with video calls.

If you’re looking for an affordable sales software solution, Outreach may be the way to go. It’s aimed at smaller companies that are looking for a reliable and affordable platform to help them improve their business development.


Whether you are looking to increase revenue, reduce time spent on sales, or improve your overall sales team performance, there are several SalesLoft integrations that will help you achieve your goals. These tools will ensure your reps are able to engage customers and leads in the most effective way. These tools are also a great way to ensure your business stays on top of your pipeline.

When you integrate with Salesloft, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs. You can also use the integrations to streamline your call process. During calls, you will be able to view the caller’s profile, name, and details about the call. These details will automatically sync up with Salesforce. You will also be able to get an overview of the caller’s activity and follow-up with them.

SalesLoft is one of the top sales engagement tools on the market. It integrates with more than 50 different technologies. It also has a wide partner network. In fact, SalesLoft has more than 2,000 customers. Some of the other companies that use Salesloft include Cisco, IBM, and Shopify.

SalesLoft allows you to customize your workflows, create pipelines, and make better decisions. The integrations can also help you increase your closing rate. The platform also features an auto-dialer, voicemail templates, and call recording.

SalesLoft also offers a unique cadence that lets you start live conversations with your target accounts. The cadence also sends emails that provide sales reps with more relevant information about their target accounts. These emails can help reps book meetings and follow up with buyers.

SalesLoft also integrates with other MAPs like Marketo and Eloqua. You can also use the platform to identify and qualify website visitors.

Conversation intelligence tool

Using the Salesloft Conversation Intelligence tool, you can quickly gain valuable insights on how customers are responding to your products or services. It can help you to improve customer service and improve marketing campaigns. The tool also helps managers to monitor calls from remote sales teams. You can create call playlists, analyze calls, and identify key conversations in the transcripts.

Salesloft is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that helps companies to strengthen their customer relationships and drive revenue. It provides end-to-end sales engagement solutions for sellers, sales managers, and customer support teams. Its features include modern revenue workspace, coaching, CRM integration, and a search engine. It has been recognized by Fortune Magazine, Inc. magazine, and Best Places to Work. It also has an integrated analytics package.

The Salesloft Conversation Intelligence tool allows managers to easily analyze hours of calls in minutes. It supports keyword tracking and auto-tagging, which helps managers focus on calls that need immediate attention. It also provides time-stamped notes and highlights from real conversations.

The Salesloft CRM integration provides a streamlined workflow that automates mundane tasks, such as prospecting, sales, and customer support. It also provides industry-leading analytics and visualizations.

SalesLoft’s Conversation Intelligence tool helps bridge the coaching gap by giving managers the tools to track, analyze, and share their call recordings. It also helps managers to better understand customer loyalty and improve their marketing campaigns. It can also help reps to learn faster.

Salesloft’s Conversation Intelligence tool also provides a granular view of your entire deal. It analyzes each call to give you actionable insights. It gives you an overview of customers’ buying behaviors, preferences, and objections. You can then use those insights to better engage with customers and improve your social media presence.

Calendaring tool

Using a calendaring tool for Salesloft is a great way to schedule your meetings and get better visibility into your pipeline. When someone books a meeting, you can see the date, time, and location on your calendar. You can also view the person’s contact information.

Salesloft also provides other features that help you improve your workflow and manage your sales process. For instance, you can automatically suggest email addresses to your prospects. You can also send one-to-one emails via Google Calendar directly from Salesloft. You can also add personalized messaging to your emails.

Salesloft also offers a dialer and messenger tool, which allows you to send text messages directly from Salesforce. You can also record your voicemail. You can also jump on a call from Salesloft, just as you would with a third-party dialer.

Salesloft is a comprehensive sales engagement platform that helps organizations grow revenue. It helps sales teams, revenue teams, and marketing teams engage with customers and manage deals. It also helps you shorten deal cycles and provide great customer experiences.

You can schedule meetings directly from your Gmail account with Salesloft Connect for Gmail. This tool also allows you to access the full platform. When a meeting is booked, you can track responses and create follow-up cadences. You can also receive notifications about meeting details in the Salesloft mobile app.

Salesloft also helps you set email cadences. The emails are sent automatically, track opens and clicks, and are auto-tracking for responses. You can also add personalized messages and attachments.

Salesloft also has an iOS app. This app allows you to send one-to-one emails, schedule emails, and view your calendar. It has a number of features, but it does not offer all of the functionalities that you’ll find in other calendaring tools.

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