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Red Aspen Nails

Red Aspen nails are a popular choice for a variety of reasons Walmart nail salon. They can last up to two weeks, and you can switch out the color every day if you choose. You can even change the design each day if you like. They are as long-lasting as nails that you would get at a nail salon.

Can be worn for up to two weeks or switched out every day

Red Aspen nails can be applied in a matter of minutes, and can be worn for up to two weeks. If you are concerned about chipping or fading, you can change them out every few days. You can even trim the nails to get the perfect length and shape.

Red Aspen Dash nails are made of a special glue that bonds like acrylic, but dissolves with wear. This ensures that your natural nails are not damaged by the nails. The longer the Dashes last, the more glue they will need to be removed.

Lasts as long as if you got them done in a salon

Red Aspen Nails are a great option for long-nail lovers who do not want to spend a lot of money at a salon. They are very similar to salon acrylic nails, but with a soft ballet-pink color. They are great for professional settings but may not be appropriate for every workplace. Customers have been very happy with Red Aspen Nails, and the company has a great customer service department. They also offer free shipping, which is a huge benefit if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on nail polish.

The first step in applying Red Aspen nails is to find the right size. They are very thin, so make sure you choose the right size to ensure that they will fit perfectly up to the cuticle. The correct size will also help them last longer. Red Aspen nails come with 24 nails with a 0-9 number on the tip, so you can select the right size for yourself.

Once you have prepared your hands, the next step is to apply the press. This step is tricky and requires a fast action. Make sure you line up each finger nail with the press on and make sure you apply pressure for thirty seconds. If you don’t apply enough pressure, you might end up gluing your nails to the skin cute nails. To prevent this from happening, you should wash your hands before you start applying press on nails.

Various designs

The press on nail kit comes with more than enough nails to cover all your nails. Be sure to organize them by fingernail and glue them on in order. Before gluing them on, you should clean your hands thoroughly to avoid any contamination or infection. The press ons will stay on longer if your hands are clean and dry.

The red aspen nails can be reused up to two to five times. To remove the red design, you can use a q-tip or rubbing alcohol. Red aspen nails are inexpensive and durable. The company’s customer service is also very responsive and helpful. However, their press-on nails do not adhere to natural nails, and are not suitable for all workplace environments.

Press on nails were once known as tacky, but they are now a popular trend. They are easy to apply and last just as long as your salon-grown nails. They are great for events or daily wear. You can also buy different nail designs, such as the dashes, for various occasions.

The press-on nails from Red Aspen come in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose from long, short, petite, and medium length designs. These are great for people with small nail beds and are also good for kids, as they can be clipped or filed to any shape. If you’re looking for a nail set that looks great for a night out on the town, Red Aspen is the perfect answer.


To create the perfect red aspen manicure, you need to prepare your hands. After taking a bath or shower, make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Then, use a cuticle stick to push the cuticles down and expose the nail. Remember, it is important not to press too hard or too quickly because you might accidentally glue the nail to your skin. Also, do not forget to file and buff your nails. You can also clean them with rubbing alcohol. This will keep them clean and make them last longer.

Red Aspen nail colors are easy to apply and can last up to two weeks. You can change the colors every few days or even re-shape them. You can purchase these colors at Broker Leather, which is run by Brianne’s cousin Jill. The cost ranges from $13 to $15 for a set.

Red Aspen also offers a handy business kit that includes promotional materials, business development tools, and a website link. It also includes a mini cuticle stick and a dual buffer/file combo. You can also purchase nail glue and a silver mat. Red Aspen nail colors are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.


Red Aspen was founded by three women from Idaho, and the company has since expanded into many other products. Though it is a young brand, Red Aspen stands by its core values. It offers long-lasting, cruelty-free nail enhancements that are designed to last. The company’s website offers information about their products.

Red Aspen offers many different nail sets in a variety of colors and patterns. The nail products are easy to apply and can be reused. The nails can also be removed and fixed when needed. Each box contains 24 nails. You can purchase them online or from Red Aspen reps at different events. You can also buy a nail dash on the company’s website.

Red Aspen nail sets are relatively affordable. They are generally priced between $13 and $15, depending on the size and style. They are a good alternative to manicures as they don’t require drying time. You can even change your nails every few days. Red Aspen nails come in three sizes, including petite ones.

Red Aspen also offers pedicure-specific nail dashes. These dahes come in four different lengths and can be used to create different designs on your toes. If you have small toe nails, you can cut down the extra nails in the fingernail dash kits to fit them on your toes. These dahes have a matte finish and can be adorned with patterns.


Red Aspen nails are an affordable option for a manicure that is long-lasting and reusable. You can purchase as many as 24 nails and switch them out once every couple of days. The nails are usually $13 to $17 per pack and can last up to two weeks. Red Aspen nails are available in a variety of colors, including pinks and neutrals.

Red Aspen nail dashes can be purchased in four different lengths. The pedicure dashes are pressed on and feel similar to an acrylic or gel manicure. The nails come in a variety of shapes and patterns, and you can also choose from matte or bling finishes. You can also buy additional dashing nails, which give your nails a unique pattern.

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