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The Jaisalmer desert is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of sunshine and the smooth, seemingly endless sand that covers much of the landscape. And a desert safari in Jaisalmer, the city of gold, is the best way to take in all that splendour. Activities in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, range from traversing the sand dunes to marvelling at the sight of traditionally dressed camels, making the city a must-see for any vacation in the region.

In Jaisalmer, India, the desert safari camps come to life at night. In which you dance to the local music and enjoy in the pleasure of the occasion. The safari’s allure is exemplified by the huge Rajasthani Thali served to you each night, together with folk dancing and traditional music.

Do you want to go on safari during your holiday and ride a camel or a Jeep? Safaris are an exciting part of travel, and we have compiled a list of some that you can choose from on your next vacation.

Experience the desert in style with a camel safari.

If you’re planning a desert safari in the dunes of the “golden city,” a camel safari in Jaisalmer is the most popular way to see the area’s highlights. Hold on to the camel’s hump as you journey across the Thar Desert on its back.

The ride will take you far into the desert, where you may see some of the most incredible plants and animals. There are also numerous indigenous communities that you’ll come across. Camel safari is undeniably the best desert safari in Jaisalmer, allowing visitors to explore the vast desert’s treasures and take in the stunning sunset.

Quick travellers can enjoy a camel safari across the stunning Sam Desert dunes near Jaisalmer. A breathtaking sunset will greet you from behind the dunes not long after your ride ends. As night falls, make your way to the camp for a traditional aarti-tikka and dhol welcome. At your chosen Jaisalmer desert safari tent, you canrelax with a drink and watch a performance of traditional Rajasthani dance and music.

Camel safari highlights in Jaisalmer: 

Experience the magic of the desert as you witness the sunrise, the desert fauna, an oasis, and a breathtaking sunset from Kuldhara, a deserted settlement.


 a full day ride lasts about 5-6 hours and is typically broken up into two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. Since the afternoon might feel like an oven, many people choose to cool off at an oasis.

Pricing for a sunset camel safari begins at INR 1500 per person (dinner included)

There is an additional fee of INR 1850 per person for an overnight camel safari.

If you’re looking for the quintessential Jaisalmer desert safari camp, go no further than these top 5 options!

The Serai is a luxurious retreat.


 Twitchers trail, bush cookery, jacuzzi jets, temple trial, and Kuldhara excursion Rates: from INR 40,000 per night The Serai is a beautiful hotel in Jaisalmer.

Damodara Desert Camp:

 Thar-style rustic elegance

Damodara Desert Camp’s Stunning Panorama The camp’s lounge, games, sandboards, and stargazing

Rates begin at INR 10,500 (about $14) each night.

Thirdly, Winds Desert Camps:

 Putting the desert at your fingertips

Tents at the Winds Desert Camps are spacious and brightly lit. Camel safari in a luxury tent with a sitting veranda

Price per night begins at INR 7500.

Camping in style at the Royal Desert Camp near Jaisalmer

The Royal Desert Camps in all their splendour Jaisalmer\sAttractions: Offering the widest selection of Rajasthani dishes under one roof, as well as Mewar-style furniture, modern conveniences, twice-daily desert safaris via vehicle and camel, and pick-up and drop-off services from the nearest airport.

Pricing begins at INR 7500/night

5 Bask in the plethora of beauty at Desert Safari Camp

Attractions in the vast Desert Safari Camp region include a sunset camel ride, dinner atop the dunes, parasailing (for an additional fee), and tented lodging.

Price per night begins at INR 7500.

When would you recommend visiting Jaisalmer?

The months of October through March are perfect for a trip to Jaisalmer. This time of year is ideal for sightseeing on the colourful sand dunes, thanks to the mild temperatures. Avoid coming here in the summer because of how dry and hot it becomes.

Which hotel do you recommend in Jaisalmer?

The Suryagarh Palace, Desert Tulip Hotel & Resort, Devi Desert Resort & Retreat, Sand Dunes Resort, and the Sunshine Desert Camp & Resort are just a few of the well-known resorts in Jaisalmer. Visitors to these resorts have access to first-rate services and amenities.

Do you know of any fun activities in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer is home to a number of fascinating attractions, including the Jaisalmer Fort and City Tour, Bazaar Shopping, Parasailing at Kanoi, Wildlife Viewing at Desert National Park, and the Delicious Rajasthani Cuisine.

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