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Moving from one house to another can never be an easy task, irrespective of how much time you have in hand. Carrying the belongings of every person in the house with utmost care requires some real talent, and such talent and experience are what we get with packers and movers. Having to shift from one house to another house even in the same locality needs a lot of planning and effort. Now you can imagine moving to a different city or country along with your whole family can be so challenging if you especially have young ones/kids. The quantum of work and planning is doubled by every means if you have to pack on your own along with handling the little ones, so bringing in a movers GTA company is a good idea any day.

While moving home with a kid, you are taking the kid away from his comfort zone like his home, school and friends therefore, the stress is quite at its peak. The transition phase of the kid can be troubling but ultimately there are some tips and guides that can help you bring some relief:

  1. Snuggles: A kid requires parents’ attention and the best way to engage with them is through some fun activities or just a hug that will make them adjust to new surroundings soon. A hug can provide relief from anxious feelings and brings calm to the mind. Your mind must be occupied with things-to-do lists but make sure to give them enough of your time during the moving for them to process everything.
  2. Last in, First out: The last thing to be packed during the move should be the kid’s belongings as they can ask for them at any point in time. The first box you should open after the move is theirs only and set up their room as early as you can to bring them at peace with their space. The early their toys are unpacked the kids can be engaged with them so you can finish other tasks while they are playing.
  3. Talk it out: The toddlers can hear whatever has been said in the house so it is better to communicate with them about the move and make it exciting and fun. The toddlers want to help their parents so make them put some of their stuff on their own. They feel important and recognized and make it fun by putting some stickers and drawing on the boxes. A movers  company has helped many families with kids during their move and the reviews have been amazing.
  4. Visual tour: Making the kid show the new house through a visual tour can be very helpful as after the move they may seem familiar with the space and may throw fewer tantrums.
  5. Box activity: Make a fun tunnel or cave for the kids with the help of boxes and put some snacks inside. This activity can provide you good enough time to sort and pack things while they are busy at the game.
  6. Reading: The kids relate to stories a lot, and telling them stories about fictional characters moving from one place to another can help them a lot when they move, and it will not be an unfamiliar concept.
  7. Friendships last: Telling the kids or informing them the friendships stay intact irrespective of the move as you can always stay connected through phone calls or video calls. The thought of them leaving their friends behind forever can be very difficult to handle. They feel separation anxiety even with their friends.
  8. School time: Using the time when the kids are off to school can give you a good couple of hours to work on the move. Staying organized will help you plan your next day and try to finish the task at hand before they arrive with some food to eat.

The endless repetition of “Are we there yet?” can be very annoying so better plan your moving day well in advance keeping all the needs and things they might require handy. Irrespective of the mode of transport kids need something to be engaged with. Teenagers can be busy with their phones or music while a toddler can be made busy with some colouring sheets and colours. The newborn usually sleeps during the journey but keeping their milk bottles ready before they start howling is a good idea.

The parents of young ones should hire a professional movers Ajax to save them from all the trouble of handling kids and the move. The movers  crew can make the entire experience hassle-free by taking the load of packing and moving the stuff. The tedious task can be left to them and ensure the kids are not neglected during the entire process. The kids should not be left at the mercy of nannies and relatives, rather keep them close and as soon as you reach the destination show them around, help make the kids new friends, socialize to help them settle and most importantly let them pick the room for themselves as they feel recognized and important. Hope your move with kids is memorable and fun-filled.

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