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Of the various outfits that can be embroidered, a Kanye West Clothing seems the easiest. When most people think of jackets in terms of embroidery, they think of a large space for designs on the back and left chest. What many of us forget is that small suit makers add things like box pleats and stitching to their designs. Fashionable styles can be things like raglan sleeves, which can ruin the layout of the design due to the lack of shoulder seams.

A surefire way to get started with a tailored jacket is to focus on working with the least headache-inducing styles. Therefore, research the latest trends and start with cars that are in excellent condition. With a new needle and spool underneath there are a few other supplies. What to pay attention to when embroidering a jacket without problems.

Hoop selection

The best options for jacket rings are double height rings. This hoop is higher than a regular hoop. For more holding power, you can wrap your loop with white floral tape. Medical mesh or bias tape to prevent gaps and promote a good fit. Tissue paper can also be used as backing paper or wax paper. Hang these materials on the jacket. Then cut a hole for embroidery, a thin piece of foam under the ribbon also comes in handy. However, masking tape should be avoided as it is tacky and will leave stains on the shirt and trim. When choosing a loop, keep in mind that oval loops hold better than square loops with oval corners. The “rectangular oval” holds the corners better than the sides. top and bottom


The size and type of needle depend on the fabric of the jacket. Leather jackets require a sharpness of 80/12 (wedge-shaped “leather” needles do more harm than good). Use the same sharp needle on poplin and other cotton-based jackets. Use a lightweight 70/10 or 80/12 ballpoint pen on a nylon windbreaker. And a fine 75/11 ballpoint pen for satin and nylon oxfords to prevent slipping. Thicker wool, canvas and denim jackets require sharper needles. Corduroy fabrics are sewn convex or sharp. Note that ballpoint needles prevent the fabric from being sewn. A good rule of thumb is to use the same size needles you are using to sew the jacket.

As for thread, polyester is a good choice for embroidery on jackets exposed to climate and coastal climates. Be sure to include washing and dry cleaning instructions with the final product. Consider using large-eye needles when working with metals and other heavy specialty threads. Click here for Lucky me I see Ghosts Hoodi.

Paste the design

Bring the straight edge of the jacket from side seam to side seam to the bottom of the sleeve. Mark a horizontal straight line. Then check again by measuring from the bottom of the jacket to the same line. Coats are not always sewn together. Measure a straight line and divide it in half to find the center of the shirt. At this point, place a vertical line along the horizontal line, the intersection of the two lines is the center. When turning the pattern upside down or sideways to sew. Keep this in mind when measuring and making the loop later. Use tailor’s chalk. Lost pen, ink or soap to mark your clothes. Avoid using pins. Masking tape is available in strips from print shops and art stores. It breaks easily and leaves no marks. Wide masking tape can leave residue.

Centering the design eight inches from the back of the collar is a good place to start. And should work with most jackets. Smaller might be better than six inches. A very large one may eventually reach 10 inches. The top of the design should be about 2 ½ inches below the collar, but keep in mind that this will change if the jacket has a hood. Then it was necessary to put the design under the hood.

The best way to get a grip on the design is to have someone try on the jacket or invest in a pacifier. Pin the outline or backstitch of the design. Be sure to include text and images to determine their size and position. The left or right chest design should be centered three to four inches from the edge of the jacket and six to eight inches where the collar and body of the jacket intersect. When embroidering buttons or buttons on a jacket, use the button or second button as a guideline.

Be careful not to place the design too close to the sleeve of the jacket. The design should not be centered on the left chest. The correct position is closer to the poster than the cover. The center of the sleeve design should be three to four inches below the shoulder seam of the sleeve. When you place a design on the sleeves of a raglan style jacket, you mark

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