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Whether you want to buy a leather backpack for yourself or for your loved ones, you will be please to know that there are a variety of leather backpacks available on the market, but they are not all created equal. With Miajee’s leather backpack service in Hongkong, you can rest assured that your leather bag will be custom-made to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Custom made leather backpacks

Whether you are looking for a bag for traveling, hiking or business purposes, you can find the perfect backpack for you. A variety of styles, colors and sizes are available. You can also choose to add embroidery or printing for added details. If you are looking for a bag that is durable, you should consider a leather backpack. The leather will hold up well and the finish will look amazing.

The leather backpacks come in various colors and sizes to match your style. You can also choose to have your design custom printed. The process involves applying ink directly to the fabric of the backpack. You can also choose to deboss your design to create raised and recessed designs. The finished product will look amazing and will last for a long time.

We are a professional leather bag maker

Dedicated to making the best leather backpacks in Hong Kong, We are leading provider of luxury bags for the globetrotter. With a slew of products in its portfolio, We are sure to find the ideal bag for your needs. This brand is known for its commitment to quality and durability, which is a plus when it comes to protecting your belongings.

Aside from the products you see on display at us, the company also offers a number of perks that make shopping with them a worthwhile experience. The most notable is the company’s free lifetime warranty, which covers any leather defect that might occur during the manufacturing process. Additionally, We have a team of experience bag makers to ensure that your new purchase is well cared for.

leather backpack

We are based in Hongkong

Whether you are looking for a backpack, wallet or card case, We have a variety of options that will fit your lifestyle. Our bags are made with quality materials that are handcraft by expert artisans in Hongkong. All of their products are design to last for years. They have a wide selection of styles to choose from including modern designs and classic styles. They also offer free shipping on all orders.

Our Hong Kong based online fashion label. Its mission is to celebrate nature, adventure, and leather bags. They offer a wide selection of high quality leather accessories for men and women. They are commit to ethical and sustainable production. They are a leader in the handmade leather goods industry. Their products are made from reclaim leather and feature an innovative lining for easy cleaning.

Purchasing a leather backpack is a great way to make a fashion statement that won’t be regrette. It is durable and lightweight, giving you uncompromising quality and style. This backpack is craft from 100% sustainable cow leather. It features a smooth leather texture, quality stitching work, and two adjustable padded straps. It is also enhance withrass zippers and buckles.

The leather backpack also has a padded laptop compartment, a dedicated cell phone pocket, and leather trim. It is made of buttery natural grain leather and features matte nickel brass hardware. It also comes with padded shoulder traps.

The leather backpack also has slit and zip pockets for easy access to your belongings. It is also design with magnetic clips and easy drawstring opening. It weighs less than 44 ounces. It is made from 100% premium sustainable cow leather.

The leather backpack service in Hong Kong offers a wide range of options to choose from. If you are looking for something unique, TUMI Hong Kong is the place to go. It has a collection of travel accessories that is inspire by a beautiful palette. This backpack service in Hong Kong also has an exclusive discount voucher to help you save money on your purchase.

leather backpack

We provide our customers with a wide range of high quality leather products

Mainland China remains the major source of Hong Kong’s leather consumer goods re-exports. These re-exports have accounted for about 73% of the total re-exports in 2013. In the first half of the year, Hong Kong’s exports of leather consumer goods rose 4% on a year-on-year basis. However, exports to the US and the EU declined by 19% and 1%, respectively, due to tariffs imposed on mainland China-origin products.

The leather consumer goods industry is highly specialise and vertically integrate. This is reflect in the manufacturing activities of the industry, which have been concentrate in mainland China, India, Italy, and Korea. The number of manufacturers involved in product development and tooling has also increased.

Despite the deterioration of the global leather consumer goods market, Hong Kong remains a significant source of the industry’s re-exports. In the first half of the year, the leather consumer goods trade exported around HK$14.1 billion. This was a rebound from the year before. However, domestic exports fell by 69% against a low base.