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Is the UAE Golden Visa a Worthwhile Investment

In the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates serves as a vision of liberty, security, and opportunity. The UAE has proved to be the ideal location to settle, whether that be alone or with family, with just under 90% of the population being ex-pats from across the world.

Dubai, in particular, is a terrific location not just to visit but also to establish a great life for yourself. It leads the globe in sustainability, as well as offering an excellent standard of living, greater safety, and, of course, fascinating skyscrapers that form a magnificent skyline.

It is possible to work and reside in the UAE under a variety of visas, the majority of which are work or partner visas. These often last a few years before needing to be renewed, although they are always conditional on an individual’s work. The UAE ensured that people opting for a more permanent kind of visa were catered to by establishing Golden Visas in 2019.

What is the UAE Golden Visa?

The UAE Golden Visa is a way of providing individuals with long-term residency, and there is a great deal of certainty – you know you will have a visa for 10 years, which is excellent. It means you may have a long-term rental contract with the assurance that you will be there the entire time, or you can purchase a property or invest in the region with no worries. You may obtain the Golden Visa in three weeks through a very straightforward visa application process.

Here are the reasons why the Golden Visa is a worthwhile investment:

  • A six-month entrance visa with several entries is required in order to proceed with residency issuance.
  • A long-term, fully renewable UAE residence visa can be obtained for up to ten years.
  • A self-sponsored visa that does not need work sponsorship
  • The opportunity to extend stays beyond the standard six-month limit outside of the UAE without having the visa revoked.
  • The opportunity to sponsor family members, including partners and child visa renewal Dubai.
  • Sponsorship of an unlimited number of domestic workers.

The Golden Visa is available to seven different types of individuals:

1. Investors

Real estate investors can acquire a home valued at least Dh2 million and will be eligible for the Dubai Golden Visa regardless of whether the property is purchased with a loan from a local bank. The Golden Visa can also be used to purchase an off-plan home if it is purchased through an approved local real estate business.

The entrance quota for a UAE Golden Visa application can be lowered by developers who provide payment plans that allow you to qualify with an investment of as little as a 10% down payment with a mortgage.

The UAE offers certain possibilities for investors, and there are many additional ways to use property to get a Golden Visa. These consist of:

  • Acquiring real estate valued at Dh2 million or more.
  • Merging or combining real estate worth up to Dh2 million.
  • Purchasing an off-the-plan property for at least Dh2 million and paying in installments since they won’t have to contribute a major sum all at once, investors will find it significantly simpler.
  • A married couple investing together in a house worth Dh2 million.

Using these approaches provides flexibility with the Golden Visa that is not available in other countries.

2. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs of any age or gender can apply for a Golden Visa in UAE if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Own or partner with an SME firm.
  • Acquire Ministry of Economy permission for a startup proposal.
  • Established an entrepreneurial venture that was sold for at least Dh7 million.

3. Individuals with exceptional Talent

Regardless of their schooling, occupation, age, or pay, innovators, inventors, and extraordinary talents in subjects like culture, art, and technology are eligible for a Golden Visa.

4. Scientists and other professionals

The UAE Golden Visa can be obtained by scientists and other professionals with significant influence in their field of expertise.  The candidate must hold a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in their discipline and have produced major research developments.

5. Students and graduates of distinction

High-achieving students and graduates from UAE secondary schools may be eligible for the UAE Golden Visa. Excellent academic standing and university status are required conditions.

Humanitarian pioneers:

To be recognized as a humanitarian pioneer, you must be:

  • A notable member of worldwide and regional organizations
  • A recipient of humanitarian recognition awards
  • A renowned volunteer and sponsor of humanitarian initiatives

7. Front-line heroes

Those who contribute remarkable efforts and sacrifices during any crisis. Including COVID-19, are also eligible for the Golden Visa as a result of their assistance with humanitarian activities.

If you are seeking permanent residence in the UAE and meet the eligibility criteria. Then the UAE Golden Visa is the ideal visa option for you. DocMan can help you with the complete Golden Visa application procedure. Contact us today!

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