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Today most debated topic on the web is Visa Applications and Australian visa rejection reasons. The Visa process brings lots of complexities to getting the visa approved. The candidate performs a lot of hard work before going through the visa application process visa documents, preparing for visa interview, and paying visa fees.

All this hard work goes in vain, once this visa got rejected because this doesn’t guarantee visa approval. There are various reasons behind visa rejection that cannot be easily diagnosed until it is mentioned in visa rejection mail or notice

Imagine the condition of a candidate whose visa has been rejected or refused. To heal this phase of stress, Many countries provide the opportunity to appeal against visa rejection decisions. Like the visa application process, visa appeal has also come with a lot of complexions that need to be fulfilled.

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Let’s check out

How to Appeal against visa rejections?

Before going for a visa rejection appeal, make sure the country offers a visa appeal opportunity for the same. To check that the applied country offering you the appeal option or not. You need to go through the visa rejection mail or you can consult the embassy for the same. You need to reapply for the visa, in case your applied country does not offer you the visa appeal offer. While going for a visa re-apply make sure you don’t commit any mistake this time, try to avoid the mistakes that you commit while going for a visa application.

Appeal Letter for Visa Refusal – 

To appeal against your visa rejection or refusal, you need to write an appealing letter. The main purpose of the appeal letter is to prove your point against the visa rejection decision. Writing this appeal letter is not simple as people think. There is a fixed time frame within which you are required to file the appeal against the visa refusal or rejection.

Tips to Write an Appeal letter against visa rejection or visa refusal –

Here we are not sharing any fixed format of visa rejection appeal. The main purpose is to make you aware of the do’s and don’ts while writing for visa rejections or refusals. Let’s begin

You should be convincing enough to prove your point, it should contain an emotional statement in hope of getting the visa approved by touching the heart of the officials.

Things to include in the Appeal letter

Name & Surname
Passport Number
Full address
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Phone Number

Apart from this –

1. Mention your date of applying for a visa application or the purpose of your trip.

2. Mention the date of visa refusal or rejection.

3. Write a valid reason that proves your point of visa rejection.

4. Last put your signature at the end of the letter.

5. Attached are valid supporting documents as evidence to prove your point.

As per our recommendation, it’s better to contact the embassy for a visa rejection or refusal appeal.

Visa Rejection Appeal processing time –

There is no fixed time frame for a visa appeal. The embassy passed your appeal to the concerned authority and this authority takes time to investigate the documents thoroughly.

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