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The era of online thrift stores has been expanding each day. From Instagram and other social media sites to Google and Chrome, thrift stores are a growing culture in India. Thrift stores grew more after the significant impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

People have shown interest in opening and setting up online thrift shops. While some have become field experts, some still want to explore and learn about this opportunity. The following steps can establish a thrift store to sell Online. This article will cover all the main steps to start an online thrift store. 

Steps to open an online thrift store

There are nine significant steps to open an online thrift store. Following is the list for the same:

  1. Research and find your interest 
  2. Sell your idea/brand
  3. Set up a platform 
  4. Start sourcing products 
  5. Warehousing 
  6. Images of the product 
  7. Set the price of the products
  8. Decide shipping and its related information
  9. Make a marketing plan

All these steps are easily explained in the following paragraphs. 

Research and find your interest:

While starting an online thrift store, make sure your online thrift store is unique and attractive products. Your online thrift shop should offer a fantastic experience. To accomplish this, provide a carefully chosen assortment of goods. 

Alongside, keep in mind the demands of the market and the trend growing in the market. Therefore, researching and bringing a unique and exciting idea with your interest will help you build an online thrift store. 

Sell your idea/brand.

Before selling your brand online, make sure that you create a good one that represents your idea and the concept of your online thrift store. Once you know what you want to market, it becomes easier to think about the brand. 

One should give serious thought to the addition of your name and logo. To make your brand and logo interactive keep the following points in mind: 

  • Consideration market 
  • The lifestyle of the target people 
  • USP of the product and what makes your product different
  • A brand name should be memorable and easy to pronounce so that it spreads through word of mouth. 
  • A brand name needs to be concise and distinctive. 

Always remember that you can start branding and spread awareness related to your brand even before you start the thrift store. 

Set up a platform

Once you have planned the idea, product, and brand, it is time to start the business and find a suitable platform. 

However, one needs to begin with at least a few products to open your shop and source it on the forum. There are three main ways that one might sell an online thrift store:

Use an e-commerce site for the platform. 

One can easily make use of an online store to sell their products. Big e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, or the Fynd platform can be the best examples of online stores. E-commerce platforms are the most straightforward approach to setting up a website if one is a new online vendor. The Fynd platform is one of the most highly effective tools that are also really simple to set up and use. 

The platform becomes more effective when planning to set up promotions, email marketing, or offer items across several web stores. 

The newly discovered platform has many finest features and is ranked 9/10 by many testing websites.

To use a self-hosted platform. 

It depends on the user to user. Some of the newcomers to eCommerce also want to explore a self-hosted platform. These platforms create a website using a content management system like WordPress. 

A self-hosted platform is cost-effective and provides more control over your website as the website is entirely under your control and ownership.

However, it also incurs a good amount of investment in the initial days. It is a complete self-hosted platform it requires domain registration, web hosting, and security measures, all of which will ask for separate payment. 

Use online marketplaces to sell

Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay are fantastic methods to learn about your business and attract a lot of attention to your products. They are also reasonably practical. Also, they are affordable but charge buyer’s fees. 

They cover a broad audience, but the competition is very high in such marketplace platforms. 

Marketplaces no doubt increase the scale of your store, but it also limits your ownership of it. Many people won’t like the functioning of these marketplaces and want to take up their websites. Therefore, one can always integrate one’s preferred marketplace into their website and can benefit from both ends.

Start sourcing products 

The next step is sourcing items or the products that you have made. Start with something other than high production; start with a small collection of your merchandise. The whole process will help you understand the market and its requirements.

You can also visit some of the already set-up thrift shops online. The process will help you in giving a clear vision and what is expected in front of the public. You can review the following points:

  • Examine the Situation in General
  • Compare the prices in the market and set your accordingly
  • Verify hallmarks and other essential labels on the product

Warehousing and storage of inventory

Experts advise that managing your inventory is just as crucial as locating the 

appropriate place. Organizing stock becomes easy when you store it in a categorized way. For example, in the case of clothes, this entails dividing it into men’s and women’s sections followed by groups based on season, color, or style. One may even store their inventory of shoes like this. 

An online thrift store can even store its stock in order, from kid’s wear to women/men and older people. All these small effective processes make finding an item when you need to send it off simple. Additionally, one will require an inventory monitoring system. Inventory management is crucial for any internet business but especially for thrift owners. 

Therefore selling products through e-commerce sites helps an online thrift store. As trading on your website becomes convenient and all-in-one, e-commerce solutions typically feature excellent inventory management tools. Platforms like the Fynd platform help your business stay on track, such as the ability to manage products across all sales channels and automatically sync stock numbers. 

Images of the product 

An online business only survives the competition through its appealing presentation and attracting customers with good images of the products. A good quality image of a product generates traffic and simultaneously boosts the sales of the business. Therefore, the quality of ideas becomes necessary when one is on a voyage to start an online thrift store. 

Following are some of the essential tips to capture good images of your product:

  1. A good amount of light while clicking the picture 
  2. Do not blur the image
  3. Transparent background or use a white background so that the object is highlighted
  4. Show the natural product, do not edit the image heavily
  5. Cover all the angles of the product

Alongside this, one should ensure that their images are attractive to the users. Therefore, using models and influencers again is essential for long-term online business. Initially, one can ask friends or family members to present their product. 

Set the price of the products

Once we are pricing our product, there are three essential points. Our price should cover the cost of the production. Second, before pricing our product, we should examine the opposition and the market, and last understand the worth of our product. The quality of our product will define the final price of the product. 

It is crucial to consider all the production costs when determining how much to charge for the goods you sell in the thrift store. From raw materials to packaging, shipping, transaction or seller fees, and even a portion of your fixed costs should be considered. Alongside, it is essential seeing the competitors’ prices. It would be best if you built your strategy to have the edge over the online competition. 

Decide shipping and its related information.

Establishing a reliable shipping system is the final piece of the logistics while opening a thrift store online. You have to consider your business and the amount of money you are ready to invest in the same. Therefore, one can choose from the following three options while choosing the method to ship the products to the ultimate customers:

Real-time, a free, and flat shipping

The three options have their merits and demerits. You have to decide which one to go for. Free shipping is the most attractive point. You have to cover the shipping cost so it does not harm the business. 

On the other hand, if you use a website builder, you would not have to worry about shipping. The platform will automatically provide carrier services which will be included in their flat-rate shipping fee or rates based on weight, making free shipping simple.

The other method is the drop-off location. This method is widely used by big e-commerce platforms that have an opportunity to pick the package and deliver them to the doors of the customers. Venues like the Fynd platform use this suitable method. This method is usually preferred by most businesses, whether newcomers or old. Shipping through the Fynd platform saves you time and energy and will benefit you once you receive the bulk of orders at your thrift store. 

Make a marketing plan.

Social media platforms are another way to market your brand online. However, one has to use innovative ways to capture the audience and social media rules. For example, posts regularly, neat pictures, behind-the-scenes, most liked products, advertisements, etc. 

A lot of newcomers are even doing promotions for their online thrift stores. Paid promotion is an alternative method of increasing PPC. There might be a point when you are confident that your structure and organizational system are excellent and you are aware of the popular content on your website.

One can add different marketing plans once started with the thrift store online. Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most potent options as it is the best opportunity of appearing on Google’s search results for phrases related to your items. To appear in the SEO, one has to use Google’s keywords across the website and use image compressors so that the website can load quickly. 

Platforms like the Fynd platform also help you use essential keywords throughout the website. It allows users to create their eCommerce website or any other website with the best customer support and end-to-end logistic support. It has a ranking of 9.9 out of 10 and overall helps create an online store. 


It is a digitalized era with a booming platform for thrift stores. People are relying on thrift for their basic as well as fascinating necessities. Online thrift stores have developed and expanded their fields gradually.

The nine steps, as mentioned earlier, are easier ways to start an online thrift store. The listed steps are more accessible by buying subscriptions to builders like the Fynd platform. The best-ranked platform promotes the opening of sustainable thrift stores and helps them run smoothly.

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