Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
BECU Online Banking

BECU has many features that can make banking online more convenient. These features include eStatements, Foreign currency exchange, creating budgets, and accessing your account from a mobile device. You can also find articles about how to manage your finances online and more. Follow the steps below to learn more.


eStatements for BECU online banking is a free service that allows you to view your monthly account statements electronically. This service is available for both business and consumer accounts. It eliminates the risk of stolen or lost statements and provides anytime access. eStatements are also customizable and can be saved to your computer. Moreover, they are delivered two days faster than snail mail.

BECU recommends statements for personal accounts as they are more eco-friendly than paper statements and are also faster to receive than regular mail statements. Moreover, eStatements are stored for up to seven years by BECU and can be retrieved at any time. To enroll for eStatements, log in to your Online Banking account and select eStatements from the credit card section.

Foreign currency exchange

BECU online banking provides a variety of foreign currency exchange services. To make an overseas wire transfer, you will need to provide the recipient’s full name, address, account type, bank name and SWIFT code. You can read more about these requirements on the BECU website. You can also use BECU’s wire transfer service for intrabank transfers between BECU accounts or to other financial institutions.

While many banks offer foreign currency exchange services, many of them require that you exchange your currency in person. However, you can do it online and through the telephone with BECU. For a low fee, you can exchange up to $5,000. The fees vary depending on how much currency you exchange, so it is important to shop around and find the best deal.

Creating budgets

Using BECU’s online banking is a great way to organize your savings goals. You can create individual savings goals and use each envelope to track your progress. You can even create multiple accounts and use the same envelopes to save for several different goals. This tool works with existing BECU Online Business Banking accounts and makes it easy to manage your finances.

Accessing accounts from a mobile device

Accessing accounts from a mobile device presents a number of challenges for banks. Because different types of mobile devices support different standards, it can be difficult for banks to offer a mobile banking solution to all users. For instance, some mobile phones only support Java ME, while others support the SIM Application Toolkit and WAP browser. However, some initial interoperability issues have been overcome thanks to localization efforts. For example, countries like India have developed portals to support low-end java phones and South Africa has adapted USSD.

However, there are some advantages to accessing accounts through mobile devices. For one, it is more secure than internet banking because mobile banking can only be conducted using one device. Moreover, a SIM card needs to match the phone number that is registered with the bank account. On the other hand, internet banking can be carried out using any device with an internet connection.

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