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Shower Cabin

Shower cabins are installed in apartments to save space. New plumbing shines, pleases with cleanliness. Over time, mineral deposits appear on the surfaces, the fungus spreads. Lovers of cleanliness, it is useful to know how to wash the shower. For cleaning, home-made compounds are used, from hydrogen peroxide to universal cleaners.

Instrument preparation

After visiting the shower, soap remains on the walls, glass, plumbing and the pallet. Humidity and dirt gradually accumulate on the cabin walls.
There are 2 ways to remove contaminants:

  • Wet cleaning is carried out every 1-2 days. The walls and floor of the cabin are wiped, the room is ventilated. It simplifies regular cleaning, keeps cleanliness.
  • General cleaning is carried out every 2 weeks. Separately washed glass, plumbing and pallet. Inventory: a few soft rags, a spray bottle, a rubber glass scraper, a coarse washcloth, a sponge. Cleaning products for the shower cabin are bought in the departments of household chemicals or made independently.

When removing dirt, do not use compositions with abrasive elements, metal brushes and hard brushes. Rough inventory will ruin the ceramic and glass surface.

 Limescale removal

Lime deposits form on cab surfaces during operation and below is the description on how to clean shower screen limescale.

How to clean a shower cubicle:

  • Make a cleaning compound from 100 ml of ammonia, 2 liters of water, 50 g of soda and the same amount of vinegar. Mix thoroughly. How to wash a shower cabin at home: apply the composition with a foam rubber sponge and wipe the walls, floor, ceiling.
  • Prepare a solution of water and table vinegar 1: 1, 200 ml each. The composition is suitable for cleaning faucets, hydromassage elements, shower heads. Moisten a soft cloth in the solution, wrap the cabin elements, soak the watering can in a container, leave for 8-12 hours.
  • Chrome elements are treated with lemon. Leave the citrus juice for 15 minutes. After treatment in the booth will smell good.
  • Wash the walls with Antinakipin. Dilute it with water according to the instructions, boil. Use a hot solution to treat dirty places, wipe with a foam rubber sponge. Rubber cannot be processed. Rinse off any remaining Antiscaler with water.

If you are afraid to clean with folk and professional means, use a melamine sponge. It will remove accumulated mineral deposits in a few light strokes.

How to remove soap stains from glass

Glass is the hardest thing to clean. Even dried water drops leave stains on the glass. Ideally, a rubber scraper will help to clean the shower cabin from plaque.

Any chemical cleaner for mirrors and glass is suitable for removing dirt from the glass surface of the shower.

How to wash shower glass at home:

  • Vinegar water. Water is diluted with table vinegar, 2 tbsp. l. per 1 liter
  • Dilute 2 crystals of manganese. The solution will be light pink in color. It is impossible for potassium permanganate to get on the rubber elements, they will be painted.
  • Chalk. Grind it, dissolve in 1 liter of water 2 tbsp. l. Pour the solution into a spray bottle, treat the glass walls and doors, let dry. Rub with newspaper to avoid streaks.

After cleaning the glass , coat it with a shower stall anti-drip solution. Special formulations create a protective film, preventing drops from lingering on the surface.

Treat the glass with RAVAK AntiCalc®. Treat the surface every 3 months. First wash the glass with chemical or household products, wipe dry, then apply RAVAK AntiCalc®.

Removing dirt in the pan

Before cleaning the shower cabin at home, it is necessary to determine what material the pallet is made of. How to wash a shower cabin with an acrylic tray? Acrylic is easily stained, darkens, fades. Pallets should be handled carefully and carefully.

 Do not use alkaline and acid preparations, organic solvents and abrasive substances. Acrylic is cleaned with a special agent that washes away dirt and creates a protective film. Aquanet is suitable for pallet cleaning. The package is enough for 15 applications.

Spray the composition, spread evenly with a foam sponge, wait 5 minutes. Rinse off Aquanet residue with plenty of water. Wipe the tray dry.

How to wash a shower cabin made of natural or artificial stone? Toilet cleaners will help restore shine and cleanliness to artificial material. The duckling will do.

 Natural stone retains its shine for a long time. It cannot be cleaned with aggressive chemicals. It is recommended to clean the natural stone pallet with a steam cleaner and napkins.

Enameled pallets are afraid of acids and alkalis. It is recommended to wash with Comet or Pemolux.

How to wash the shower cabin with folk remedies:

  • For tiles: squeeze the juice of 1 lemon, add ¼ cup of vinegar, pour a bottle of ammonium hydroxide solution into a container, mix everything with 1.5 liters of water. Apply the composition to the surface, clean the joints and the space around the drain with a toothbrush. For acrylic, use tooth powder or paste. It does not have a pronounced abrasive action, it cleans easily.
  • Acrylic, enamel and tiles are cleaned with citric acid. It is diluted with water, sprayed from a spray bottle, left for 30-60 minutes, washed off and wiped dry.

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