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car upholstery cleaning

The car is one of the places where more time is spent throughout the year. According to a 2017 study by Ipsos and The Boston Consulting Group, Spaniards spend an average of nine and a half hours a week in the car. If this figure is extrapolated to a calendar year, the time inside a car rises to almost 21 days.

In the end, this implies that cleanliness inside the vehicle seems essential for both the driver and passengers to feel comfortable in such a small space.

Car interior cleaning: how to do it?

There are upholstery cleaner Dubai specialists who can do the job in a qualified way, but you can also do this if you have time. The important thing is to look for a place prepared for this task, since cleaning the car on public roads can be a penalty.

After finding the right place to clean the car, the essential thing is to follow these steps:

Empty the car: remove any object, whether trash or not, from the different spaces, seat pockets, door gaps and the center console.

Vacuuming: use an industrial vacuum cleaner found at service stations, as they offer greater suction power. Go over all gaps and spaces, including seats.

Carpet and Mats: Using a coarse brush, scrub the carpeted areas, the mats and the driver’s pedals. Then take the mats out of the car and hit them to remove all the dust.

Seats: if they are upholstery, the best system is to use a specific product from those found on the market or, alternatively, a couple of caps of ammonia diluted in a liter of water. If the upholstery is leather, a suitable commercial solution should be used.

Dashboard and moldings: it is best to use a cleaner that also has dust repellent. Soapy water can also be used. You must be thorough in the area of ​​the joints and air outlets, for example with a toothbrush.

Windows: apart from the danger for driving that dirty glass poses, it is an element that is included in the General Traffic Regulations that is subject to a fine of up to 100 euros. To clean the crystals well inside, it is best to use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. In addition, a product can be administered on the outer face that helps repel water in rainy circumstances.

Odours: it is not a good idea to mask them with air fresheners. The smells of tobacco, sweat and humidity are better with home remedies such as bicarbonate, which must be left to act in several containers for a whole day. Coffee beans can also be used for the same purpose. Likewise, moisture-wicking bags also work well.

Homemade upholstery cleaner: baking soda and others

There is dirt that is more difficult to remove by following the steps above. For these cases, a more forceful methodology must be used.

Grease on upholstery: Although food stains are more difficult to remove, they can be cleaned with a little patience. First, remove excess fat with a teaspoon and absorbent paper. Bicarbonate of soda is then placed on top of the splash and left to act for ten minutes and removed with a brush or vacuum cleaner. After that, it is rubbed with a cloth dipped in water repeatedly.

Vomiting: In this case home remedies work better. Vinegar is the best of allies. It is mixed in equal parts with water, the area is soaked and left to act for a few minutes. To eliminate the smell, which is more persistent, the solution is to pour baking soda and let it act for at least an hour. If a white ring remains after removing it, it is rubbed with a wet cloth until it is removed.

Urine: Although it is not the most common, you can stain the upholstery or carpet with the urine of children or animals. To eliminate it, there is a home remedy that consists of mixing half a glass of laundry detergent, a glass of water and a quarter of a glass of vinegar. With this mixture and a sponge, the entire stain and its surroundings are soaked, so that there is no color difference. Let it rest for a few minutes and then wipe it with a wet cloth repeatedly. You have to try to remove all the soap.

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