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The kid’s plaid has many functions, and you can cover your kid in bed when sleeping. The plaid also can be a bedspread to decorate your kid’s bed, especially if the plaid has a cartoon hero animated. You can use the children’s blanket as a play mat, baby sleeping bag cover your during the trip, or take it with you on a picnic. A child’s plaid quickly becomes an indispensable object. The most important thing is to know how to choose it. As with all plaids, you must choose according to the size of the plaid, its material, and its aesthetic appearance. You can also ask a mum who will tell you the characteristics you need to remember when buying a children’s plaid. She will answer you that the blanket must be comfortable, warm and safe for her child. For this, you need to take three parameters into account.


When choosing a children’s blanket. You must of course consider the size of your child and the dimensions of his bed. Here are some indicative sizes for each child’s age:

  • 75×75, 75×90 – for newborns
  • 100×120, 110×140 – for children from 1 to 4 years old
  • 130×160, 140×205 – for children from 5 to 10 years old
  • 150×200, 160×220, 180×240 – for teenagers


When you buy a blanket for a baby, we invite you to take a few precautions when choosing the material of your blanket. Indeed, it is essential to choose a blanket whose material does not irritate your baby’s skin, as this can cause allergies. Therefore, cotton or synthetic blankets are the best choices for newborns. At the same time, it is better to choose something other than a woolen plaid for your toddler.

Among the synthetic throws, you can buy a super soft flannel throw, which does not risk causing an allergy. If you choose a blanket for your baby, it will quickly become essential for your little one. It will retain its scent and reassure your baby in bed or with the nurse. As your child grows, he will take his plaid everywhere with him, like one of his comforters.

If you want your child to cover up at night, choose a natural or mixed material plaid instead. If your child uses the plaid during these games or as a carpet, in this case, it is better to choose a synthetic plaid that is easy to wash. The current trend is moving towards plaids in double material, one side wool or faux fur, the other in cotton. These throws have an advantage over other throws because the natural material retains heat and the synthetic material provides a nice appearance for a child’s throw. Embroideries are also a very trendy visual element for plaids. In addition, you can personalize your child’s plaid at no great cost. If your child likes cartoon characters, the fleece blanket will be more suitable. Fleece throws are more accessible to colour, so manufacturers use this material to print a wide range of colours, such as the famous Disney throws. This material keeps the colour over the washes.


Your child will probably prefer to have a colourful plaid. Among the coloured plaids, you can find simple plaids or printed plaids. The choice of colour and design of your child’s plaid may depend on the colour of his room, the colour of the bed linen, the colour of his bed, your child’s passions, your tastes, and your purposes.

For example, if the primary colour of your child’s room is red or pink, you can choose plaids in the range of warm colours: red, of course, pink, shades of orange mixed with weaving red or red, brown or beige flowers with red undertones. Regarding plaids with a cartoon hero, the colour combinations are less critical. If you have decided to buy a plaid with a drawing, it will please your child regardless of the colour of his room. Currently, the most popular plaids are those with the Mignons or Spiderman designs for boys and Hello Kitty for girls. Some shops offer to personalize your plaid with embroidery with your child’s first name. This can be a good gift idea for the birth. Have you ever seen a blanket with the heads of different animals? Imagination has no limits: a tiger, a mouse, or a bear. A child’s plaid is a virtual object. Take the time necessary to choose it and remember to look after it!

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