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As a photographer, you could need to realize how lengthy does your canon digital camera battery ultimate? I additionally desired to realize so I attempted an smooth test to understand the approximate that one of the better Canon Battery Take digicam takes to completely price.

Then I realized that most of you could additionally want to realize approximately it. Therefore, I am sharing my evaluation right here. I took a few Canon cameras including LC-E6, LP-E6NH, and E6N, and examined their battery’s price and drain time. I am going to percentage the results under.

Factors Affecting Charging Time of Canon Batteries

Several factors affect the charging time of a digital camera battery. Some of those are given as underneath:

The potential of the Battery

The fee time extensively differs depending upon the ability and nice of the battery. If the battery has a bigger ability, it’s miles manifestly taking extra time to rate completely and if the battery capacity is low, it will take much less time to fill the gap.

BatteryCapacityAmbient Temperature (°C/°F)Charging Time (Hours Min)

  • Canon LC-E6
  • 1800mAH
  • 23°/73°
  • 2hrs 00min
  • Canon LP-E6N
  • 1865mAH
  • 23°/seventy three°
  • 2hrs 10min
  • Canon LP-E6NH
  • 2130mAH
  • 23°/seventy three°
  • 2hrs 47min

Quality of the Battery

Likewise, if the battery is of right pleasant and synthetic by a reliable emblem, it’s going to fee faster and in case of poor best, it’s going to fee slower because it will no longer aid rapid charging and could charge with issue. More Info

Method of charging

Charging time relies upon on the mode of charging. For instance, in case you are the usage of a trendy Canon charger, it’s going to fee the battery quicker. Similarly, if you are using some other low-exceptional charger, it’s going to take longer to price the camera’s battery.

Additionally, it additionally depends at the cable’s pleasant. If the cable is of excessive fine, it will assist in rapid charging and vice versa. Also, if you are using a wi-fi charger, then permit me let you know that it is slower than wired charging.

The point is that in case you use a exceptional charger, the charging time goes to vary. Suppose you are charging LP-E6NH batteries at room temperature. If you’re the usage of a standard charger, it’s going to charge the battery in 2hr 47min. The identical batteries take 12 mins longer in PD-E1 Power Adapter which takes 2hr 59min to absolutely fee the battery.

The battery’s recharge performance

The runtime of Li-ion batteries degrades with time. The overall performance of the batteries is also suffering from the no. Of recharge cycles and rate conditions like temperature and so on.

Therefore, due to degradation, the internal resistance of these batteries is extended. That’s why a battery may additionally require a longer time to completely rate. Also, if the battery is extra degraded and can’t be absolutely charged, then it’ll top off in much less time and will also drain quickly.

Ambient temperature

If you’re a cellular telephone person, then you’ll recognize that the battery of your phone drops appreciably in low temperatures. This isn’t simply telephone capacity however is the effect of Li-ion batteries. These batteries are stricken by the encompassing temperatures.

The production brands of these batteries propose a temperature of 20 to 30 levels centigrade. This temperature can vary from 20 ranges centigrade to 30 stages centigrade, but you have to keep batteries and an most effective temperature of 20-26°C or 68-78°F.

Back to the factor, the charging time of a battery is one way or the other tormented by the ambient temperature. At better temperatures, the digicam batteries take much less time to fully charge, and in case of conflict temperatures, the digicam’s batteries take barely more time to fully price.

When I examined the cannon LP-E6N with a Canon LC68 charger, it took two hours and 10 minutes to absolutely charge at room temperature. After I rate the identical battery that is slightly high temperature, 2nd it took 2 hours and eight mins to absolutely rate which is 2 minutes less whilst charging at room temperature.

Although charging speed will increase with increasing temperature but I could no longer advocate doing it intentionally as it will have an effect on your battery. It damages the battery and reduces the capability and its lifestyles cycle. In case of immoderate heat, you may completely harm the digicam’s battery.

At temperature, the camera offers a fake high quality message the battery is full which isn’t, therefore, reducing the usable capacity of the battery. For that reason it will require more frequent charging and also you received’t be capable of tax to get the predicted batteries battery lifestyles.

The case is the same for low temperatures, because the rate is deliberately reduced in the batteries. This will on one hand save you over-heating but, then again, boom the charging time. Also, charging at decrease temperatures promote lithium plating which could bring about everlasting harm to the batteries.

The last Battery Capacity­­

The charging rate also relies upon upon the final charging capacity of the battery. If the battery is 10 to 20% charged, then it’s going to charge quicker. On the alternative hand, have the battery’s percentage is 90%, it’ll take longer for the relaxation 10% as compared to the begin 10%.

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