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Whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, you’ll find that Freshworks CRM has features that are specifically tailored to your needs. It has the ability to work as a standalone solution or you can use it in conjunction with other business applications. There are several pricing plans and free trials that you can try.

Free trial

Using Freshworks CRM is a great way to engage with your customers. The software offers features like a built-in VoIP phone system, call logs, and call recording. It also includes an open API, which means you can integrate it with third-party applications.

The free version is perfect for smaller companies and startups. It includes two features you won’t find in most CRM programs: live chat and email. This allows you to engage with customers on your own terms. It also provides you with an unlimited number of advanced reports.

The higher-priced versions of Freshworks CRM offer workflow automations and other advanced features. These features can help you manage a team of salespeople and track their performance. They can also help you predict a deal’s performance. They will recommend the next best action based on your historical activities. You can even automate follow-up emails using the CRM.

Freshworks crm can also help you prioritize your most important prospects. It automatically assigns prospects to the right salespeople. It also provides you with a transparent event timeline. You can also set up toll-free numbers in 90 countries.

It is also possible to send out personalized bulk emails. You can send up to 10,000 per day, depending on your plan. Using Freshsales CRM you can track the click-through rates of your emails. It also allows you to auto-enrich your contact sheets with publicly-available information. You can even mark fields as mandatory or read-only.

You can also customize your products and services. Freshsales CRM offers easy integrations with many popular business applications. It also offers AI-powered tools that improve with your historical activities.

Pricing plans

Choosing the right CRM software is an important part of running a successful business. However, deciding on which CRM is the best for your specific needs can be tricky. It’s important to choose software that provides you with all of the features that you need, while still being easy to use and implement.

For small businesses, the best CRM system would be one that allows you to manage your interactions with customers across multiple channels. In addition, you should choose a platform that makes it easy to track your sales performance, track leads, and manage your incentive structure.

Freshworks is an AI-powered CRM software that offers a wide range of tools to help you better understand your customers. Its AI-powered assistant learns about your customers’ buying patterns and engagement habits, allowing you to better sell to them. You can also customize the software to suit your own business needs.

Freshworks’ Freshsales product offers team-based reports, territory-based reports, and robust reporting functionality. It also provides sales leaders with insights into the workload of their sales team. You can also customize the software to optimize your budgets and schedules.

Freshsales also includes an AI-powered chatbot that allows you to sell to your customers across multiple channels. In addition, you can use the software’s CRM functionality to manage your outbound email campaigns.

Freshsales also includes a mobile app that keeps your sales team productive from anywhere. It offers a free plan and three omnichannel plans, which enable you to connect with your customers across all of your favorite apps and platforms.

Freshworks CRM is a good choice for growing businesses, but it may not be for all. In fact, some users have reported problems with the software’s user interface, which makes it difficult to navigate. There are also some limitations to the features available in Freshworks. Some features, such as call recording, are not available on all plans.

E-commerce integrations

Using Freshworks CRM e-commerce integrations can help your business improve sales and customer satisfaction. It helps you create a unified record of your customers across sales, support, and conversational marketing. It also helps you automate personalized messages and segment your audience.

Freshworks CRM helps businesses identify the right products and customers for their brand. It helps them win more business and maintain the best customers. It also enables them to communicate with customers through live chat, SMS, and email.

Freshworks CRM e-commerce integrations allow you to monitor your customers’ shopping habits and behaviors, as well as their online order history. It also lets you create customized web forms and deploy them on your website. It lets you send contracts and quotes to customers, set up chatbot flows, and engage in contextual selling.You can also set up custom workflows and add products.

Freshworks CRM e-commerce integrates with WooCommerce, which makes it easy to display customer order information. It also helps you track your customer’s purchase history and retarget them with personalized messages. It also supports AI chatbots.

Freshworks CRM e-commerce also helps you create and manage orders more efficiently. You can also manage inventory and understand your order details. It also has an easy-to-use shopping cart system. It is also integrated with Ecwid, which allows you to build relationships with your customers through social media.

Deal feature

Having a deal management tool can help companies grow their business faster. With Freshworks CRM, you can track your deals from lead to close. This includes contact information, activities, and revenue predictions. It also allows you to prioritize tasks and appointments from the deal pipeline.

Freshworks CRM also includes lead scoring, workflow automations, and predictive contact scoring. It helps you organize your deal team, track activity, and engage with prospects. It also provides an instant view of past conversations and call notes.

You can also personalize your account. Freshworks offers a drag and drop editor, so you can create custom fields. It also allows you to add unique tags to track performance. It offers email integration and two-way syncing. You can customize your email templates and connect existing web forms.

It also includes an AI-powered assistant, called Freddie. He analyzes your data and suggests the next best move to close deals. You can take action on his recommendations without leaving your record.

It also has a mobile CRM app. You can preview how your campaign will look on the go. You can also use the built-in phone dialer. It also supports hundreds of currencies and localized languages. You can filter by phone number or mobile phone number. You can also mark tasks and appointments as completed or overdue.

Freshworks also features a visual sales pipeline that locates deals in each stage of the pipeline. It also shows the value of deals. You can filter deals by status, campaign, and certain dates.

Sales sequences

Using the Salesforce Sales Sequences feature, users can set up automated email sequences. These sequences are used to follow up with contacts based on their behaviors. They also provide engagement metrics that can help you run better email campaigns.

Sales Sequences are an automated series of activities designed to boost your conversions and improve customer experience. They are comprised of several steps, including emails, reminders, and SMSes. Each of these steps can be customized to target a specific audience or group of prospects. They are also time-bound and interval-bound.

There are two types of Sales Sequences: Classic and Smart. The Classic sequence is an automatic sequence of actions for a set of audiences. It runs on a timed schedule and if a step is not completed within the specified time frame, it skips that step. It’s also a good choice for outbound sales campaigns.

The Smart Sequence is a bit more complex. This is because it checks a condition against leads within a specified interval and then performs an action based on the results. It’s a bit more impressive when the results are historical, as it can improve over time.

The Salesforce sales sequences feature is a great way to improve your sales. They are great for qualifying outbound sales leads, and they can also be used to nurture customers with automated emails and reminders. It’s also a good way to follow up with contacts based on their behavior. You can also customize your sequences by adding saved views to the sequence.

The Salesforce sales sequences feature is available to users who have the Create Sales Sequences permission. In order to set up a sequence, users first need to define the actions to be taken. This can be done using the CRM’s default field, or by creating custom fields.

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